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Seattle Video Production Equipment Rentals-Panasonic HVX200 Camcorder For Rent-Washington HD Video Camera Rental

Video camera rentals in Seattle, WA. dvDepot is a camera equipment rental company and a full service crewing facility. They offer everything including a wide range of camera crew rentals, editors and audio technicians. Start to finish dvDepot can assist you with all your production rental needs. They have a massive inventory of camera rental equipment including HD video camera rentals, spy cams for rent, lenses rentals, lighting and audio equipment services for rent as well as cables, jibs, decks, grip accessories and much more. Servicing all of Seattle including Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue, Everett, Kent, Yakima, Renton, Spokane Valley, Federal Way, Bellingham, Kennewick, Auburn, and all of Washington.

The most important new feature being an updated sensor; the sensor yields higher sensitivity, creating less noise in low-light situations. With it's compact and feature-rich frame, the camera will never disappoint. The unit is compatible with DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO25 and consumer DV recording standards.


From the Manufacturer

Panasonic is proud to introduce the AG-HVX200, a handheld DVCPRO HD P2 camera-recorder that's designed to meet emerging needs in HD production. It debuts as Panasonic's first HD video product to use P2, the cutting-edge memory recording device that has the potential to revolutionize the entire production paradigm.

The AG-HVX200 records HD, either 1080i or 720p video acquired by a new optical system and high-performance digital signal processor onto a P2 card using the broadcasting DVCPRO HD codec. This system achieves a level of image quality that conventional handheld HD cameras simply cannot match, while also supporting HD/SD multi-format and multi-codec recording capabilities. Variable frame rate recording is just one of the features that makes the AG-HVX200 unique in its class. Using technologies that make the Panasonic VariCam camera-recorder a favorite in movie production, this powerful function allows the overcranking and undercranking techniques used with film cameras to create fast-motion and slow-motion effects. The P2 card offers superior reliability, immediate playback and outstanding cost-performance. It allows direct connection to nonlinear editing systems and streamlines the production work flow, by providing to the editing system data files ready to be edited, rather than a video tape which would require the task of digitizing.

On top of all its advanced features and technologies, the AG-HVX200 inherits the refined design and easy operation that distinguishes Panasonic's high-value DVX100 DV camera series. In the AG-HVX200, video professionals of all kinds will find a powerful tool for giving form to their creative visions.

Panasonic Pro AG-HVX200 Highlights

Newly Designed Leica Dicomar 13x Zoom Lens System for HD Applications

The New Leica Dicomar HD Lens Developed specifically for HD recording, this lens system features a large 82-mm (diameter) filter along with 15 lens elements in 11 groups, including three aspherical lenses. The Leica Dicomar lens incorporates Leica optical technology and know-how throughout. The use of low-dispersion glass reduces color aberration and increases resolution, while a multi-coating process minimizes flare and ghosting. This results in sharp, crisp, beautifully rendered images with delicate nuances and exceptional shading.

Wide-Angle, 13x Zoom Lens The Leica Dicomar Lens is a powerful 13x zoom lens designed especially for HD video recording. Extending all the way to 4.2mm (equivalent to 32.5mm on a 35mm lens), this lens covers the full wideangle range needed in most broadcast and professional shooting. There's no need for a bulky wide-angle conversion lens. With a minimum object distance (MOD) of approximately 1.9 ft (0.6 meter) in telephoto mode, the AG-HVX200 has true handheld maneuverability. And with the same cam-driven zoom ring acclaimed in the DVX100 series, the AG-HVX200 gives you the superior operability and control you need in demanding applications.

OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) Panasonic's advanced OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) dramatically reduces the blurring caused by hand-shake. Optical processing with an automatic correction function helps assure consistently clear, sharp images.

New Progressive CCD and DSP Achieve Higher Sensitivity and Image Quality

New High-Sensitivity Progressive CCD Each pixel has a large light-receiving area, giving this newly developed 1/3-type progressive Charge Coupled Device (CCD) the kind of high sensitivity not available in previous compact HD cameras. This advanced CCD combines with a newly developed digital signal processor (DSP) in combination with a very sophisticated offset spatial technology achieves a balance of high resolution and high S/N ratio that rivals HD broadcasting cameras.

New DSP with 14-bit A/D Conversion and 19-bit Processing The AG-HVX200's newly developed digital signal processor for 1080/60p video signals uses 14-bit A/D conversion and 19-bit inner processing to attain unprecedented accuracy. While the camera does not record 1080/60p, it is from this capture that all other signals are made. The DSP performs a variety of adjustments, including eight types of gamma settings, for each of the R, G and B channels. It also converts the signals to HD or SD format. With a performance equivalent to the processors used in many higher-end HD cameras, this new DSP helps the AG-HVX200 deliver high-quality images in all video formats.

High-Resolution Native Progressive 1080/60p Scan
Progressive to interlace conversion, cross conversion and down conversion all start with the 1080p/60 scan. The initial 1080p native progressive scan offers the highest level of vertical resolution possible at this level of camera. Keep in mind that the camera does not record this signal but uses it as a basis for all capture. The result is an HD or SD recording with a level of image quality that electronically processed scans cannot match.

HD/SD Multi-Format Recording The AG-HVX200 is the world's first compact camera to offer 1080/24p shooting. It can record onto a P2 card in 1080/60i or 720/60p HD, and it's compatible with the SD (480i) format currently used in TV broadcasting. The multi-codec system lets you record in DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO and DV.

DVCPRO HD: The Image and Sound Quality Broadcasters Demand Supports Multi-Codec Recording

The Superb Images and Sound of DVCPRO HD Codec Using the DVCPRO HD codec recording system, the AG-HVX200 records HD video with outstanding image and audio quality onto a P2 card in file format. This codec, thanks to a low compression ratio at a video bit rate of 100 Mbps (1080/59.94i, 720/59.94p) and the easy-to-edit intraframe compression system, is suitable for recording fast-moving subjects with no motion artifacts other than motion blur. The 4:2:2 sampling rate minimizes jaggies at chroma edges and is advantageous in image and compositing. Sound quality is excellent too, thanks to DVCPRO HD's uncompressed 16-bit, 4-channel digital audio recording capability.

P2: The Next-Generation Media The AG-HVX200 records HD, either 1080i or 720p video acquired by a new optical system and high-performance digital signal processor onto a P2 card using the broadcasting DVCPRO HD codec. P2, which stands for Professional Plug-in, is a compact solid-state memory card designed for professional AV use. Basically, four SD memory cards are packaged together to create a single P2 card. When striped as a RAID 0 array, this gives the P2 four times the transfer speed and four times the capacity of a single SD memory card. A slim, large-capacity 8-GB P2 card (AJ-P2C008HG) can hold 32 minutes of DVCPRO/DV codec recording yet weighs only about 45 grams. Compliant with PC Card standards (Type II), the P2 card plugs directly into the card slot of a laptop PC. AV data on the card mounts instantly, with each cut as an MXF file. The data can be used immediately -- no digitizing necessary -- for nonlinear editing, or it can be transferred over a network. The P2 far surpasses all other AV media in transfer speed, too. The P2 cards transfer data at up to 640 Mbps, which can greatly speed up production processes.

dvDepot carries a wide variety of video equipment for rent including camera rentals and accessories. Their cameras available for rent range from mini-DV to the latest HD, providing the right equipment for your production’s needs. Just contact dvDepot to let their rental experts guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of digital cinema, choosing the right video format and equipment for your personal situation is crucial. Contact DVdepot for any of your Seattle Video Camera Rental needs. Servicing all of Seattle including Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue, Everett, Kent, Yakima, Renton, Spokane Valley, Federal Way, Bellingham, Kennewick, Auburn, Marysville, Pasco, Lakewood, Redmond, Shoreline, South Hill, Kirkland, and all of Washington.

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