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Florida Speed Boat Rental-Performance Charter Speed Boat for Rent-Miami Cigar Boat Rentals

XSMG Marine XSR48 Speed Boat Charter Rental Miami Florida. Imagine Lifestyles Rents speed boats, Luxury Cigar Boats, and other Luxury Yacht Charters in South Beach. Luxury speedboats for rent are like bullets zipping across the expansive ocean, providing a thrill that is challenging to match. Onboard you will find all modern amenities needed for the perfect exotic excursion. Speed boat rentals in Miami Florida

The XSR 48- A Supercar on Water

For travelers thirsty for a high-speed aquatic adventure, look no further than the XSR 48-it is truly a supercar on water!
For travelers in Miami and South Florida, New York, Chicago and LA, this is the perfect luxury speedboat rental to kick your vacation up a few notches. If you are already imagining yourself cutting across the water in this beast, let’s talk about specifications.

The XSR 48 luxury powerboat was unveiled in the Dubai International Boat Show, and impresses with the following:

· The world’s fastest production level diesel engine
· A max speed of 85 knots, with a cruising speed of 50 plus knots
· 2,000 horsepower (yes, horses swim)
· Two 11.3L, 6-cylinder bi-turbo diesel engines
· Fuel capacity of 1000 liters, 265 U.S. gallons
· Freshwater capacity of 150 liters
· Beam: 3.13m
· Length: 14.60m
· Draft (including props): 1.10m

Come and find out what over 55,000 man-hours of British design and development have created. The XSR 48 is manufactured in Lymington based XSMG Marine. It was launched by Prince Michael of Kent, and has been satisfying the need for speed of prominent people since its inception. To gain perspective, bursting up to 85 knots on the open water is similar to revving a luxury rental car up to 100 miles an hour on the open road.
Onboard this exotic speedboat rental, you will find all modern amenities to more than adequately entertain and be entertained. The entertainment options include four 12-inch LCD screens and luxe kitchen appliances. The modern and minimalist approach onboard this luxury speed vessel is refreshing, and we certainly don’t want anything unnecessary weighing it down when getting up to speed! After all, isn’t speed the whole point of renting a luxury speedboat?

Only 100 luxurious XSR 48 speedsters were made this year, for the bargain price of just $1.8 million each. If this is not the rate you had in mind for a weekend water excursion, take advantage of the XSR 48 rental in Miami, New York, Chicago or Los Angeles for a fraction of a fraction of that rate with a free quote.

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