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Bicycle Rentals and Electric Bikes for Rent

Rent a bicycle and discover the nuances and hidden gems of a city, tourist area, or popular vacation destination which you might otherwise miss while in your car. Utilize Rent It Today to find bicycle rentals at your destination and even reserve your ride before you leave home. Rent It Today is the best place to locate your next bicycle for rent. Regardless if you are in Florida or in Colorado we have bike rental partners ready to serve you bicycle rental requirements.  Once you slowly meander around your surroundings on a bicycle, you'll be hooked. It's a great way to really see any locale. It's great exercise, too! Not into pumping the pedals? An electric bike for rent might be for you and you'll find them all at Rent It Today and our rental partners.

Transporting a bicycle to a vacation destination, while on a business trip, or when traveling in general can be a hassle or impossible. If a bicycle ride is calling and you need a mountain bike, road bike, tandem bike or beach cruiser, Rent It Today has bicycles available from reputable bike rental shops around the country.

Mountain Bike Rentals

Mountain Bikes for Rent

You've just packed your bags for vacation, and are excited about heading to a destination with awesome mountain biking trails. While loading up your vehicle, however, you discover your personal mountain bike does not fit! No problem! One of Rent It Today's bicycle rental partners can have a mountain bike at your vacation destintation just waiting for you.

The evolution of technology has made it possible for the latest models of mountain bikes to be sturdier and have better suspension to encounter a variety of terrains. Having the right mountain bike or hybrid for your cycling needs will allow you to tackle rougher or challenging terrain whether on gravel, a back country road, or winding through nature. Our rental partners are experienced in recommending the right bike for you based on the type of areas you'll be exploring. Most bicycle rental companies offer mountain bike rentals and their other inventory for single, multi-day, and weekly rental.  View All Mountain Bike Rentals

Kids Bikes For Rent

Rent Kids Bicycles

Biking with the kids is a great way to bond and explore your vacation destination as a family adventure. Get out from behind the tv, and get outdoors instead! When you rent a bicycle designed for kids, the entire family can head out to really get a good feel for the surroundings. Bicycle shops in popular tourist areas typically offer a variety of family friendly cycling options. In addition to kids bikes, some companies offer fun cycling rental options that include child seats, tandom bicycles, "fun cycles," kiddie carts, and adult sized tricycles. This is an excellent opportunity for the family to get some exercise, take a ride, and do something really different!

Today's kids bikes are built with the safety of your child in mind. So just make sure to wear proper safety gear, stay together, and enjoy the ride...oh, and you can bet the kids will sleep well after a long bike ride!

Road Bike Rentals and Touring Bikes For Rent

Road Bike Rentals

Road bikes are the most commonly rented bicycles used for leisure or sightseeing while on vacation. Rent It Today markets companies that offer a fleet of great road bike rentals across the nation in all sizes, brands, and types.

Bike rental companies are meticulous about their products, keeping up with the most up-to-date bicycles around. When you rent a bicycle during your vacation, you can rest assured you are going to receive a bike with a maximum level of comfort, safety, performance, and reliability. View All Road Bikes For Rent

Bicycle Accessories, Bike Helmets For Rent

bicycle accessories

Along with your bicycle rental, you want to make sure you reserve the appropriate accessories for your ride. Those accessories may include accommodations to include children, baskets for transporting souvenirs back to your accommodation, or safety gear. From rental companies across the nation, you can do just that! Secure your tag alongs, trailers, baskets, and bicycle helmets for every age before you hit the pavement!

Bicycling is no longer just a leisure activity. It's also become a very popular sport. Maybe the excitement of being on vacation also has you wishing you could take your cycling experience up a notch. If so, you can rent racing wheels to be added to your road bike, and try your "foot" at bicycle racing. Not only is bicycle racing a thrill, but it is also an excellent form of exercise. If you determine you would like to continue bicycling for sport once you return home, you can locate all the information your need by visiting USA Cycling.