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Bariatric Medical Equipment, HD Hospital Beds, Patient Lift Rentals

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Bariatric Rental Equipment

Bariatrics is the branch of the medical profession which specializes in the treatment of obesity, including its causes and prevention. Overweight and obesity are both labels for ranges of weight that are greater than what is generally considered healthy for a given height. For more information regarding healthy weight, read more about and calculate your personal Body Mass Index (BMI).

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control, during the past two decades there has been a dramatic increase in obesity, and rates are trending higher. In the year 2010, not a single state had an obesity rate less than 20% of the general population. Since obesity is on the rise and can pose a serious health issue, rental bariatric equipment is increasingly being utilized. Bariatric equipment for rent offers the same benefits to consumers as any segment of medical equipment rental.

Available Bariatric Mobility Aids For Rent

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter Rentals for Bariatric Patients

Bariatric patients can face challenges with being mobile. It is important to have high quality, heavy duty mobility rentals to aid these patients. Bariatric wheelchairs for rent, constructed with wider seats and reinforced construction, are specifically designed to accommodate overweight and obese patients. They feature swing away foot rests or elevating leg rests with padded calf rests. They can also have seat height adjustments. A rental bariatric wheelchair is designed for the comfort of the overweight patient and can support weights in excess of 850 pounds.

Scooters are also available to rent for bariatric patients who need mobility support. Electric powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters can be used both indoors and outdoors. Bariatric scooter rentals combine attractive styling with rugged construction. They are designed to give the bariatric patient utmost comfort. Most have adjustable height swivel seats with padded backs and armrests. They are also equipped with sturdy, solid tires. Selected bariatric rental scooters can accommodate up to 500 pounds, making them a prudent choice for those with special mobility rental needs. You can also view our standard mobility scooter rentals

Walkers are another product that can be rented for use by a bariatric patient.  They are conveniently designed with a single button release for quick one handed folding which helps when getting in and out of automobiles. Constructed of sturdy aluminum tubing, they ensure maximum strength while remaining lightweight. Rental walkers can increase comfort by helping alleviate pressure from the feet while allowing the patient with weight challenges to feel completely mobile.

Bariatric Hospital Beds & Bariatric Air Mattress

Hospital bed rental optioins for bariatric patients

Proper care of a bariatric patient is facilitated by renting the right bedding or mattress and provides benefits for both the patient and the home caregiver or care facility. Bariatric hospital beds for rent are great for improving sleep and offer a manageable solution for in-home care. The beds are available manual, semi-electric, and full electric. They can be adjusted with a handheld control which gives the patient more choice with their comfort level. The rentable beds have reinforced head springs and are designed to accommodate bariatric patients that are in excess of 1,000 pounds. With wheels attached to the bottom, they can also be moved from one area to another.

Another rental alternative for a bariatric patient is what is known as an air bed, aptly named due to its use of air as the support mechanism. A rented air mattress can provide more comfort and better circulation than a standard spring mattress. A rental air mattress allows more customized fit as well as shock and impact absorption for the patient of a larger size. Perfect for homecare patients and hospital residents alike, their firmness can be adjusted. When considering renting an air mattress, keep in mind that air beds can alleviate, slow, or prevent the development of pressure ulcers in long term bed confined patients. This is extremely important in providing the utmost in comfort and care for the bariatric patient.

If you are looking for standard hospital bed rental listings and options, click here.

Bariatric Lifting and Supporting Equipment

rent a bariatric lift

Transporting and lifting bariatric patients is not only difficult for the patient and caregiver, but can also be dangerous. With obesity on the rise and patients getting larger, it is much more difficult to move larger patients around. Without a trained patient lift team to assist moving a bariatric, bed ridden patient, a patient lift, also referred to as a hoyer lift, is a vital piece of equipment to have. Hoyer lifts can be both manual and electric. They both can replace most of the effort needed to transport bariatric patients. A basic lift can lift a patient up to 400 pounds whereas a super heavy-duty constructed lift can hold up to 1,000 pounds. Using these lifts can help avoid potential injury to a caregiver by giving them stability and security with every patient move.

Two more useful aids in moving bariatric patients would be the track lift system and the rota stand. A ceiling track lift is one mobility form that is available. It hangs from the ceiling, or a stand alone version is available, and is made of metal gearing, triple redundant safety systems, and a self-checking circuitry thermal and weight cut-off feature.  It mechanically uses a sling to help lift the patient to a bed, chair, or other location in a room. The lift does the work of lifting the patient so the caregiver does not have to, and can hold up to 1,000 pounds. The rota stand is another useful lifting device. It allows a safe, smooth, controlled swivel transfer of the patient. It reduces the need to hold a patient during a transfer from one seated position to another giving optimum safety to both caregiver and patient.

Bariatric Furniture and Lift Chairs

bariatric furniture for rent

The number and variety of options available today in rental bariatric furniture might pleasantly surprise you. Stylish, easy to clean, and durable items like bariatric recliners and lift chairs have come to the marketplace. Improvements in design to more standard items like commodes, shower chairs, bariatric stretchers, and bariatric medical exam tables represent a dramatic and welcome improvement to the choices which are currently available.

Rental bariatric recliners offer style, comfort, and functionality for patients and visitors up to 660 pounds. Some feature three positions: seated, TV recline, and full recline. A 30 inch wide seating surface, steel construction, and a gas spring back all aid in the comfort and stability for the bariatric patient.

Lift chairs for rent are another option. They are heavy duty built chairs with high density foam. The chairs also have three positions, a dual motor system, and an easy to use hand control.  Most chairs can comfortably hold up to 600 pounds.

Another essential product for the bariatric patient is a commode. Recommended for any patient over 350 pounds, they are made of heavy duty steel and an extra wide seat for added comfort.  Armrests also provide added support to rest on when sitting and a safe place to grab when standing up.

A complement to the commode is the shower chair. Wide contoured seating with molded handles and drain holes for the water can aid in the daily bathing of a patient. Some are backless and others have added back support and can also have adjustable legs.

Two additional products for rent, bariatric stretchers and exam tables, are very essential in the treatment and care of bariatric patients. Stretchers can now have three mobility options to reduce caregiver injuries. Patients can also adjust their own positions with power and control options. Exam tables also aid bariatric care. Basic tables are made of solid hardwood with a six leg design and are triple bolted. They can hold 600 pounds. Some tables now even have powered back sections that can elevate from 0-70 degrees. Built wider than usual, these tables can hold a patient up to 800 pounds.

With so many new and advanced rental offerings, the care, treatment, and comfort of bariatric patients has been taken to a whole new level.