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Car Seat Rental Washington DC-Infant Car Seat For Rent-District of Columbia Baby Equipment Rentals

Infant Car Seat Rentals in Washington DC. The Graco Snug Ride car seat comes with a deluxe canopy, a 5-Point harness and a click-in-carrier stay-in-car base that allows for a smooth transition from car to stroller. A child should be restrained in a car seat from the moment you take your baby home from the hospital until they grows into adult seat belts, typically around the age of 7 or 8. Every state requires that kids up to 4 years old ride in car seats; most require booster seats for older children. Whatever the case, Traveling Baby has the right model to keep you and your family rolling happily all day long. Vacationing with children can be made simple with baby equipment rentals such as cribs, strollers, highchairs & more waiting for you at your vacation destination in Washington DC, District of Columbia, Washington D.C., DC.

Graco SnugRide:Comes with a deluxe canopy! 5-Point harness Click-in-carrier and stay-in-car base allows for a smooth transition from car to stroller. Ergonomic handle for added carrying comfort. Colors and styles may vary.

With the current travel restrictions, traveling with a baby can be difficult to say the least. The hassles start with having to load the family stroller, baby gate, car seat, Exersaucer and Pack-n-Play into the family vehicle. Then when you finally get to your travel destination you get the wonderful pleasure to unload all of the needed baby gear. Just to redo the entire process on the trip home. However traveling with a baby on a plane can be even more difficult with current flight restrictions, along with the added price many airlines charge for added luggage.

Seeing the need to help create a hassle free vacation, companies like Traveling Baby Company can provide everything your baby or infant will need during your stay. Imagine a hassle free trip with all your baby gear needs waiting on you when you reach your final destination. Providing for you everything from cribs, strollers, car seats, bath items, high chairs, pack-n-plays, and more. Their vacation concierge services are available in the Washington DC area including cities such as District of Columbia, Washington D.C., Washington, Northwest Rectangle, Franklin McPherson Square, Farragut Square, Chinatown.

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