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Baby Equipment Rental

Traveling with an infant, baby, or older children? Parents often feel overwhelmed when preparing to go on vacation with a little one, but baby equipment rental companies can help relieve some of that stress. By reserving baby equipment from a local equipment supplier that will deliver to your vacation destination, you save time, money, and space when traveling.

Whether packing the car or flying the skies for your vacation, it is often not practical, affordable, or even possible to take all the essential baby gear along. Baby equipment rental providers offer cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, pack-n-plays, jumpers, exersaucers, swings, bathing and feeding supplies, toys and more for rent. They deliver and set up safe clean items to your vacation accommodation before you arrive, and pick it up after you leave.

Baby gear suppliers take the hassle out of planning a family vacation, and Rent It Today makes it easy to find their baby equipment rentals.

In fact, Parenting.com recognized Rent It Today as a top resource in their article “5 Smart Tips for Stress-Free Baby Travel.”

Kiddos on the Go - Strollers, Joggers, Car Seats, & Wagons

Stroller Rental and Car Seat Rentals

Stroller Rental:  Renting a stroller when on vacation with your baby gives you and your young child the freedom to see the sights. Types of strollers for rent include joggers or jogging strollers, umbrella, single & double strollers, and car seat stroller combos.

If your tyke is a toddler, you can rent a wagon for long strolls, sightseeing adventures, trips to the beach, or visits to area attractions. Additional on-the-go baby equipment rentals include framed backpacks and infant packs.

Car Seat Rental:  If your travel plans include flying and then also driving, reserving a car seat for rent in advance is a prudent time saver that will also provide peace of mind.

Rock-A-Bye Baby - Bassinets, Cribs, Pack-N-Plays, & Beds

Rent a Crib or Baby Sleep Supplies

Sleeping:  After a long drive or flight, your little one deserves a much needed nap. Instead of dealing with the set up of the bedding, when you rent a crib from a baby equipment company, your baby’s sleeping spot can already be set up inside your vacation property, and ready for your little one as soon as you arrive. Gives a whole new meaning to NOW I lay me down to sleep. Whether you are looking for a full-sized crib rental, bassinet, portable crib, pack-n-play, or toddler bed for rent, you will find it at Rent It Today.

Feeding - Highchairs, Booster Seats, & Breast Pumps

Rent a Highchair or Feeding Supplies

Feeding:  Any mother who has experienced the amazement of nursing an infant will also acknowledge the demands that creating and maintaining a supply of nourishment for baby can entail. When traveling, let Rent It Today eliminate the concern of having a readily available breast pump at your service. Find experienced and reputable breast pump rental providers who can have one waiting for you at your vacation destination. By renting a breast pump, you'll have less baggage, less stress, and less to think about when traveling, leaving more opportunities to bond with your little one.

Seating:  Understandably, infants enjoy spending time with Mom and Dad. The same is true for mealtime, too. Not only is it enjoyable, but it is a learning experience, too! Make sure you rent a highchair to be delivered to your vacation accommodation so your little one can dig in with the rest of the family. And don’t forget the young but not so little ones in your traveling crew. For those that have outgrown a highchair, but are just a little shy of reaching the table, you can rent a booster seat so they can still feel included in mealtime.

Bathroom Needs - Infant Tubs, Baby Baths, & Potties

Rent infant tubs and potties

Bathing:  Rub a dub, dub, you don’t need to pack a tub! Instead of lugging around a big awkward shaped bathtub for your travels, just rent one instead. Rent It Today markets age appropriate baby baths and bathtub accessories for your infant or toddler from local rental companies across the nation.

Diapering and Potty Seats:  Whether you are just starting the potty training process or are in the throes of your child obtaining potty power, you can rent all your toileting needs for your trip including potty seats, potty chairs, and potty rings. If your child is not yet out of diapers, a sanitized rented diaper pail can be delivered to your vacation spot, too.

Playtime and Safety - Swings, Jumpers, Toys, Monitors, & Gates

Rent Swings, Jumpers, Monitors and Baby Gates

Playtime:  Although vacations can be choc-full of activities already, your baby still requires age appropriate play activities to keep them busy. This is the precise reason so many baby rental companies offer items including swings, jumpers, exersausers, infant bouncers and play mats for rent. Each rental item is cleaned and sanitized in between uses, and can also be waiting for your child upon arrival to your vacation destination.

Safety First:  Just because you are on vacation, you do not need to give up the safety precautions you have in place at home. From reputable companies around the US, you can rent a baby monitor, including sound and video monitors. You can also prearrange your accommodation to include baby gates or yard gates to ensure your child’s safety in unfamiliar territory. In addition, you can have guard rails attached to the bed your child will be sleeping in.

Also For Baby - Beach Gear, Swimming Gear, & Kid Bicycles

Rent Beach Gear, Swimming Gear and Kids Bicycles

These days, baby can be included in just about every activity available on vacation. During a day at the beach, be sure to rent a canopy for shade for their first visit to the ocean. And when they are ready get their feet wet, make sure you have the appropriate swim gear for their age. Additionally, during a family bicycle adventure, baby can tag along in either a tag-a-long, kiddy cart, carrier or child seat. For the more independent toddler or young child, you can rent a tricycle or child’s bike.

Before your trip, be sure to reserve all the supplies you need for your traveling baby, as well as any other vacation rental services you may need. Make Renting Baby Equipment Simple at RentItToday.com