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Durhamtown Plantation-Georgia

2350 Randolph Church Road
Union Point, GA 30669

Side-By-Side Description

Model #: TERYX

Side by Side rentals in Union Point, GA. Durhamtown Plantation offers the Kawasaki TERYX 2 passenger UTV for the thrill seeking individual who loves to off road and doesn't mind a little jostling and dirt. These vehicles are easy to drive and have roll bars for your protection.

Riding Tracks Available at Durhamtown Plantation:
- Freestyle Park (with approval)
- Beginner PeeWee track for the youngsters learning to ride
- Pee Wee track for riders 12 and under
- MX1 or super cross track for the intermediate to expert rider
- MX2 - MX6 tracks are all designed slightly different for riding enjoyment with burms, jumps and woops
- Flat dirt oval track 1/4 mile
- Dirt drag strip 1/4 mile
- Monster mountain
- Redlands
- Hill climbs

Side-By-Side Specifications

Other Side by Sides Offered At Durhamtown Plantation:
- 570cc RZR (2 SEATS)
- 800cc RZR (2 SEATS)
- 900cc RZR (2 SEATS)
- 800 cc RZR (4 SEATS)

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