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Appliance Rentals

Appliance Rentals, Rent to Own Home and Kitchen

Washer Dryer Rental | Rent To Own Refrigerators | Lease To Own Furniture

Appliances for Rent

Have an appliance mishap? In need of a new one, but cannot afford to purchase it? Search Rent It Today's appliance rental category to find a  variety of washers, dryers, and kitchen appliances for rent from name brand manufacturers. Short term rentals or rent to own appliances are also available from most appliance rental companies.

Appliances are essential in helping you make your house feel like a home, so let us help you find exactly what you are looking for at an afforable price. Look no further, Rent it Today has all of your appliance rental needs, so check us out today!

Washer Dryer Rentals, Laundry and Garment Care Machines For Rent

Washer & Dryers for Rent

Did you recently purchase a new home, and are searching for the perfect washer and/or dryer? Often, when a resident or homeowner begins their search for a washing machine or clothes dryer, they are unaware of the benefits of appliance rentals. By providing easy ordering, full service, and additional options to residents, they quickly realize why a washer dryer rental is an affordable and convenient alternative to owning.

Rent It Today markets a variety of options in washing machine and dryer rentals. We market stackable washers and dryers as well as stand alone models. We also offer combination washer and dryer rentals for individuals that are in need of both appliances, as well as the ability to rent only a washer or a dryer depending on your need.

Help make your home everything you dreamed of by renting the washer and dryer you have always imagined. Whether you’re in property management in need of furnishing one of your many homes, or an individual looking for washer dryer rental options, you’re sure to find what you need through Rent It Today.

Refrigerator Rental, Deep Freezer For Rent

Refrigerators for Rent

Interested in renting a refrigerator for your home, rental property or college dorm room?  Refrigerator rental is growing increasingly popular among new home owners who may not have the means yet to purchase a new appliance. has a selection of side by side or other refrigerator/freezer combinations, ranging in size that may be exactly what you need to make your kitchen complete! Small refrigerator rentals are also perfect for college students looking for a refrigerator for their dorm room or apartment. Home appliance rental companies offer short term leasing agreements that are perfect for the college school year.  

In addition to offering refrigerators for rent, we also have a variety of deep freezer rentals for those interesting in storing extra food but just don't have the space. We can offer you a variety of sizes and types of deep freezers in order to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Check out our inventory today!

Rent To Own Cooking Appliance, Oven Stove Rentals

gas stove oven rentals

Rent It Today is proud to market the most modern and affordable cooking appliance rentals available. Whether it's a simple microwave, or a high end chef’s oven and stove for rent, we have what you need! Individuals interested in specialty cooking, but unable to afford the best oven or stove can check out rent to own leasing options to help them continue pursuing their culinary interests. Our cooking appliance rentals are perfect for rental properties or new home owners needing affordable financing options.

Complete your kitchen with a rental gas range or electric stove by checking out our options today. If you’re upgrading a stove in your current home or moving into a new place, a rental stove may be exactly what you are looking for! Rent It Today offers you cooking appliance rentals from the most trustworthy brands. Our selection includes electric and gas stoves, and whether you need a smooth, glass top ceramic range in black or a freestanding gas range in stainless steel, we can help you find the perfect size and color for your kitchen decor!