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An apartment is a self contained housing complex within a larger building. They come in a variety of sizes and formats, and are sometimes referenced as a flat, condominium, or unit. Although the apartment concept is rooted within the American lexicon, multi-unit buildings have been located in the ruins of Rome and other ancient civilizations. Rent It Today features all types of apartment rentals, including duplexes and townhouses, standard apartment complexes, and units which are part of larger rental communities.

The cost of an apartment will depend on a number of factors including location, amenities, and the current housing market. When you are ready to begin your search for you new apartment, start with Rent It Today!

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Space and floorplan options can vary from unit to unit in apartment communities. Apartments can accommodate any occupancy including single individuals to families, therefore they can come outfitted with anywhere from one to 4+ bedrooms. Understandably, with the varying number of occupants, apartments are also available in varying sizes.

Some apartments are available already furnished, and others come without any appliances or furniture. This condition will greatly affect the price of the apartment. If you have found the perfect place, but it requires furnishing before calling it home, Rent It Today also markets home furniture and appliances, and can help you locate all you need for your residence.

Townhouse For Rent, Duplex Townhome Rental

A duplex is defined as a building on a single lot having two apartments with separate entrances. Typically, a duplex is a house that has been designated into two separate apartments. Duplexes are often designed with one complete apartment on each floor, but are also available adjacently by sharing a common wall.

Many people favor the duplex style of rental. Unlike a standard apartment, a duplex living quarter has the feel of a single family dwelling with a garage and a yard. Duplexes are also often preferred because of the privacy they allow, and the decreased amount of occupants in one building.

Amenities and Advantages of Apartment Community Living

Renting in an apartment community offers benefits which are not usually a part of the standard apartment rental experience. For one, when you live in an area that consists of a large number of rental units, you get the opportunity to meet and interact with many different people. You will also generally be provided a more varied group of amenities to choose from. Common amenities offered by an apartment community include a fitness center, large swimming pool, community clubhouse, business center, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, lighted tennis courts, 24-hour maintenance, and more. For pet lovers, you can even seek an apartment community that includes a dog park.

When you live in an apartment community, there’s no need to always have a family adventure planned. Many apartment communities organize and hold holiday and season activities and events for their residents to attend. Whether it’s a beach volleyball tournament, Fourth of July fireworks, or potluck dinner, there’s always something to do that will allow you to enjoy time with the neighbors. Rent It Today is pleased to offer all types of apartment community rentals so you're sure to find a great place to call home.