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Private Charter Jet Rentals Louisville Kentucky from Stratos Jet Charter Services. We provide on demand private flights across the world. Our hassle-free air charter experience is first class. Private Jet Rental service comes with full concierge treatment. Fly from places like New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Chicago and much more. Charter Jet Rentals Louisville Kentucky

The Bell Long Ranger is based largely upon the success of the Bell jet Ranger. With seating for up to seven, the Long Ranger has more capacity to fly larger groups of business travelers than its predecessor. The Long Ranger is equipped with an advanced drive train suspension system that creates an unbelievably smooth ride. The large doors of this corporate helicopter allow passengers to easily enter and exit the aircraft. Once inside, VIPs and senior executives will enjoy a spacious cabin with plenty of leg room. When choosing the club seat configuration on your private charter you can converse face to face with other passengers through the Bell Long Ranger's state of the art communication system. Bell's enviable safety record and it's exceptional performance make the Long Ranger a leader in the world of private helicopter charters.

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