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Helicopter Description

Houston Private Charter Helicopter Rental - Helicopter A-109 For Rent -Texas Airplane Rentals

Private Charter Jet Rentals Houston Texas from Stratos Jet Charter Services. We provide on demand private flights across the world. Our hassle-free air charter experience is first class. Private Jet Rental services comes with full concierge treatment. Travel anywhere in the United States such as San Antonio, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New York Orlando, Miami, Chicago. Private Charter Jet Rentals Texas

A-109 Highlights

The A-109 is produced by Italian based Agusta Westland. This helicopter was originally designed to fly rescue missions and act as an emergency ambulance in the mountainous regions of Switzerland. Since its inception in the 1960's, the A-109 has been modified and improved upon and now utilizes twin engines which provides enhanced safety while flying in a variety of conditions. This helicopters maneuverability allows it to take advantage of rooftop landing pads in even the most crowded urban environments, allowing business executives nearly door to door service. This executive helicopter has a cruise speed of 175mph, making the commute from Manhattan to Newark easy and painless. The private charter of an A-109 will provide up to six passengers with the ultimate luxury, that of convenience.

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