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Dallas Private Charter Jet Rentals - Citation III Private Plane For Rent - Texas Airplane Rentals

Private Charter Jet Rentals Dallas Texas from Stratos Jet Charter Services. We provide on demand private flights across the world. Our hassle-free air charter experience is first class. Private Jet Rental services comes with full concierge treatment. Travel anywhere in the United States such as San Antonio, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, New York Orlando, Miami, Chicago and much more. Private Charter Jet Rental Texas

The Citation III is a high performance mid sized business jet produced by American based Cessna. When configure in its standard executive seating arrangement, the Citation III comfortably carries six passengers and two crew members, but can be arranged to carry an additional two passengers if the need should arise. With a much longer fuselage than this private jets predecessors the Citations I and II, the Citation III provides plenty of leg room for relaxing in comfort on its possible trips of 2300 nm. The swift 490 mph cruising speed of this executive jet is sure to satisfy your private jet charter needs. Outfitted with high tech avionics, the Citation III offers its pilots some of the best safety tools to ensure you reach your destination safely. In addition to feeling safe when select a Citation III for your private jet charter, you will be immersed in the comfort of its luxuriously appointed spacious cabin. Stand non stop itineraries for this include New York to Miami and Atlanta to Boston.

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