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Private Jet Rentals, Charter Flights, Helicopters, and Rental Aircraft

If you are a corporate traveler, a professional traveling on business, a group of friends, or a family going on a vacation, flying on a private jet rental or helicopter is a great way to travel. Charter flights are available out of small airports and major international airports. Private aircraft and jet rentals offer a one-of-a-kind luxury travel experience. Hire, lease, rent, and reserve a charter flight or private jet for your next vacation. View All Charter Flight Rentals.

Private Charter Jet Rentals

Charter Flight Rentals

For corporate travel or for pleasure, a private jet charter is an excellent choice for travel. Flying on a charter jet enhances your travel experience. Rent It Today markets a large selection of private luxury charter fleets.

Flying on a private jet has many privileges, among them comfortable seating, no security lines, and absolute privacy. Skip the crowded airports, and select your charter jet service today! We market some of the finest charter flight providers that offer large jets, small executive jet rentals, and medium sized jet aircraft in the industry.

Helicopter Rentals & Tours

Helicopter Rentals and Tours

There are several different models of helicopters you can rent - some fast, some slow, some small, and some large. The cost to rent a helicopter will depend on several different factors. The most important of these variables is the length of time you rent the helicopter. The longer the rental, the more you can expect to pay. Companies, for the most part, will give a discount if you rent the helicopter for a longer period of time.

The type of helicopter that is rented is also a factor in cost. A larger helicopter will obviously run more money to rent than a smaller one. You will also want to check with your helicopter rental company to learn if the fuel cost is included with the rental, well as the rates for the pilot.

Prop Plane Rentals

Lease Turbo Prop Planes and Book Charter Flights

The prop plane has evolved over the years. Modern turbo prop planes are well known for their high performance. Smaller than traditional aircraft, turbo prop planes carry between 5-8 passengers, and are designed for shorter flights from 2-4 hours. Their small appearance does not do justice for the actual room inside, which is spacious enough to comfortably seat a pilot and passengers.

Lightweight and easily maneuverable, turbo props are becoming increasingly popular for short commuter flights. They are particularly ideal for those looking for flexibility and low fuel costs. Rent It Today markets several different style prop planes. View All Prop Planes.

Flying Lessons

Learn How to Fly - Flying Lesson Rentals

With a pilot's license, you're not at the mercy of the major airlines' timetables. You can rent an aircraft at many airports across the country, and head to your destination immediately. Flying lessons are available from instructors from most airports, but when researching schools to get your pilot license, make sure the organization is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Rent It Today can help you find the perfect location for flying lessons anywhere in the country. Once you’ve found a few schools that provide flying lessons, it’s recommended you visit the schools so you can meet the flight instructors, and get a feel for them. Most schools or instructors will offer to take you on an introductory flight which allows you to get a mini-lesson while observing their flying and teaching skills.