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Local Aerial Lift Equipment Rentals

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Rent Aerial Lifts and Find Boom Lift Rentals

Find local aerial lifts for rent available nearby your jobsite...If your company has above ground maintenance or construction jobs exceeding a ladder's reach, an aerial lift is the type of equipment rental for the job. Choosing what type of lift to rent will depend on the job and the environment surrounding the construction or maintenance site.

Aerial lifts can be Electric-Power (DC), Bi-Energy, or Fuel-Powered (gas, propane, or diesel). There are lifts with tires designed to maneuver over rough terrain, trailer mounted boom lifts that may be towed by small trucks or SUVs, and small pusharound man lifts that will fit through narrow entrance ways. Additionally, there are articulating boom lifts which offer up, out, & over positioning of an aerial work platform and scissor lifts which provide larger work platforms and higher lift capacities.

Different types of aerial lifts, bucket lifts, or cherry pickers have combinations of features designed to meet the demands and specific needs of any kind of high reach construction task....Make Renting Aerial Equipment Simple at Rent It Today!

Straight Boom Lift Rental

Local Straight Boom Lifts For Rent

Straight or Telescopic Boom Lift rentals provide the longest horizontal outreach of all the aerial work platforms. Telescopic boom lifts from 20' to over 150' are available.

Gas powered telescoping booms designed to operate over rough terrain may be reserved today along with electric powered models more suitable for indoor jobs. 

Articulating Boom Lift Rental

Local Cherry Picker Lift Rentals

Find local articulating Boom Lifts for rent ranging from 20' to over 125'. Articulated boom lifts have slightly lower weight capacities then straight boom lifts but offer tremendous flexibility due to their ability to maneuver aerial work platforms up, out, and over. Electric-power, fuel powered and rough terrain models are available.

Find Local Articulating Boom Lift Rentals

Towable Boom Lift Rental

Nearby Available Towable Boom Lift Rental

Towable booms are ideal for commercial and homeowner use. These trailer mounted bucket lifts can be transported easily with a vehicle equipped with a hitch attachment. They are powered by rechargeable batteries or an onboard gasoline powered generator. Towable booms are equipped with a self-leveling unit to minimize set up time and maximize safety.

Whether you're painting, building, fixing a roof, trimming trees, or hanging lights, towable booms are the best choice for the job.

Scissor Lift Rental

Local Scissor Lifts For Rent Near Your Jobsite

Find available local scissor lifts for rent. Two popular choices for scissor lifts include slab and rough terrain lifts. Slab scissor lifts are ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, indoors and outdoors. Slabs are made to operate on firm, level surfaces.

Rough terrain scissor lifts are constructed to handle tough, construction site surfaces. Boasting traction control, productivity and efficiency are key components to these lifts. The deck size of scissor lifts makes them easier to use, minimizing repositioning time. The learning curve is also shorter for these lifts. 4WD rough terrain scissor lift rentals are available with heights of over 50ft.

Vertical Mast Lifts and Pusharound Lift Rental

Local Pusharound Lift Rentals

Push around booms are available for one or two person capacities. These vertical mast lifts and stock pickers are great for customers working with limited door width or height restrictions. Pusharound lifts can be maneuvered down narrow aisles and fit through standard doorways. These smaller man lifts are perfect for routine maintenance, general repair work, inventory management and hanging of holiday decorations. Driveable models are available as well which are typically powered by electricity.

Bucket Trucks For Rent

Local Bucket Trucks for rent

These commercial trucks are equipped with an articulating arm with an attached bucket apparatus for the operator to stand inside of. Also known as a cherry picker, bucket trucks can hold a boom lift or basket. Bucket trucks are generally used to service utility poles (electrical, telephone, cable television, etc.) and use in fruit orchards. Lift trucks can come with single or dual arm bucket attachments. Some bucket trucks provide power to their lifts from the truck engine or a separate auxiliary engine.