About Rent It Today

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Rent It Today is quickly becoming the ultimate resource for everything rent related. Our goal is to make the renting experience easy for individuals looking for items, while making it affordable for companies to market their rentals. Rent It Today's philosophy is to brand our company name by educating the world that renting no longer just means tuxedos and cars. In fact, it seems as though just about everything is for rent now, and we plan on eventually marketing all that is available. Whether it's a chicken, an apartment, a baby stroller, or a Lamborghini, it's available for you to rent at a fraction of the cost of buying, and we can help you find it!

History of Rent It Today

Rent It Today was conceptualized by Jason Glass after finding himself with a vacant rental property and no simple way to market it that didn't entail breaking the bank. He tried placing an ad in the local paper, but quickly discovered the cost to list a property for two weeks was more than the monthly mortgage payment.

Certain there had to be a more cost effective method, Jason contacted others in the industry inquiring about their vacant property marketing strategies. Turned out, they were all experiencing the same problem - newspaper ads were too expensive, and there was no better solution.

This problem became a turning point in Jason's life, a lightbulb moment if you will. It got him thinking - in today's technologically savvy society, he should employ the internet to list his property, as well as others'. Jason ran with this thought, and contacted his good friend Matt Stephenson to discuss his idea. The discussion immediately led to a business partnership.

The original idea in January of 2007 was to provide investors and potential customers the best of both worlds by producing a full color magazine of homes for rent as well as an interactive website so properties could be easily reviewed online. Nine months later in October, Rent It Today proudly produced the first full color magazine of residential and commercial properties for rent.

Our Theory of Evolution

Although the magazine was getting positive attention throughout the Ohio and Northern Kentucky markets, Matt and Jason had an even brighter vision for the company. They saw an opportunity to revolutionize the rental industry by merging all the diverse markets into one centralized location. This would allow easy access for renters, and a cost effective way to advertise promising great return for businesses. With commitment, dedication, and a drive to succeed, the opportunity quickly grew into a reality.

Evolving with the times, rental listings are now published exclusively online at www.RentItToday.com and include markets expanding across the globe. With Rent It Today, it is now possible to advertise anything and everything for rent affordable to rental companies and easily accessible to renters. Renting has never been this simple!