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Planning a wedding? A lot of detail goes into arranging one of the most memorable days of your life. Once you’ve determined the wedding party and the guest list, you are still left with having to find a venue, choose the style of dinnerware, pick the color of the flowers, decide a genre of music, select a photographer and videographer, and so on, and so on. Needless to say, planning a wedding has the potential to be a stressful and costly experience. With the help of Rent It Today, however, planning your wedding can be exciting and occur well within your budget.

Rent It Today markets companies offering the best in wedding rental services and accessories. Whether you are planning an elegant affair or a laid back event, an intimate gathering or an extravagant celebration, you will find all you need through Rent It Today.

Even if you are working from a tight budget, renting your wedding accessories will allow you the opportunity to have the wedding you’ve always imagined. By renting all you need for your wedding, you will spend less money, endure less time planning, and experience less stress.

Wedding Dresses for Rent, Tuxedo Rental, Used Wedding Dress, Wedding Apparel for Rent

Wedding Dresses For Rent

Right off the bat, you can begin saving money during your search for the perfect wedding dress. With the cost of dresses ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, it only makes sense to rent a wedding gown. This is particularly true considering you will only wear it one time. A bride’s wedding attire typically also includes accessories in the form of shoes, jewelry, and a headpiece or veil. Once securing your wedding dress rental, be sure to further reserve your matching accessories, also available for rent through companies marketing on Rent It Today.

The groom also has the option to save money by renting his tuxedo and all the accessories required to compliment the bride’s outfit.

Bridesmaid dresses are typically tossed to the back of the closet, never to be worn again after a loved one’s wedding. Instead of having your best gal pals spend money on a dress they will only wear one time, have them save money by renting their bridesmaid dress and all the appropriate shoes and accessories.  Similarly, groomsmen can rent wedding tuxedos to match the rest of the wedding party. Additionally, those cute little outfits worn by the flower girl and ring bearer can also be located in the form of a rental item, alongside the ring bearer’s pillow and the flower girl’s basket.

Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography

Wedding Photographer

Besides your own personal memories, you have the opportunity to tell your wedding story through pictures and video. On your big day, you may be so consumed with excitement and happiness that you realize days later that you don’t actually remember the specifics of the events that occurred. The best way to preserve your special moments of exchanging vows, cutting the cake, and first dance is to rent a wedding photographer and videographer.

These days, wedding picture albums are offered in a number of photojournalistic formats. A traditional album is a classic piece in which photos are matted onto the album pages. Flush-mount photo books consist of pictures being stretched to the very edge of a board. Additionally, a coffee table or magazine album is a customizable digitally enhanced photo book with the pictures embedded onto each page. Each album is offered in full version for the bride and groom as well as smaller versions and formats for parents or other friends and family members.

You may have heard the saying: There are two types of married couples: those that had their wedding video done professionally and those that wish they had. Still photos definitely capture your special moments, but a video will allow you to revisit and relive those memories anytime you wish. Furthermore, a video of your wedding day will become a priceless treasure to future family as they can actually hear your voices state your vows and listen to the song that you and your new spouse share during your first dance. A friend or family member may offer to video your big event, but keep in mind the fact that you want that person to enjoy the day, too. You also don’t want to be faced with the possibility of a taping that does not meet your standards. When you rent a videographer for a few hours, you are guaranteed a professional version of your big day to view with friends that couldn’t attend or to revisit during anniversary celebrations.

Wedding Decoration Rentals, Wedding Music, Rent Wedding Accessories

Wedding Accessories For Rent

No wedding is complete without coordinating decorations and accessories. Aside from flowers, the ceremony site can receive added beauty in the form of an arch, an aisle runner, candle holders, luminaries, and memorials to name a few. For an outdoor wedding, chairs are required for the guests and could use some dressing up in the form of tulle or ribbon.

The reception location deserves just as much attention as the ceremony site in order to set a celebratory environment. For this particular occasion, tables, chairs, linens, and table centerpieces can be rented to go along with your choice of dinnerware and glassware. Additionally, the services of a catering company can be utilized to prepare the meal of your dreams. If you are preparing your own fare, you can rent the appropriate catering equipment to ensure the food stay at appropriate temperatures for guest consumption. Additional entertainment pieces that guests are sure to enjoy include a champagne or chocolate fountain, also available for use on your special day.

Music can set the tone of your reception. During the meal portion, you may wish to have softer music played, whereas more upbeat tunes are preferred for dancing after eating. Likewise, some of your fondest wedding memories will involve your first dance as a married couple and your father/daughter dance. Whether you intend to provide your own music and require the services of a sound system, or you would like to hire a dj or band, Rent It Today can help you find all you need to fulfill your entertainment wishes.

These, plus many other decorative items and supporting accessories are available for rent so you are not spending an unnecessary amount of money on your reception.

Rent an Exotic Car, Limousine Rentals

Wedding Limosine Rentals

It only happens once in your life, so why not do it in style? Before hitting the road to begin your dream life, be sure to also rent the car of your dreams.

Imagine driving off with your new spouse in an exotic car that is yours to keep for as short or as long a time as you wish. Rent It Today markets luxury makes and models of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, and much more. And don't forget about the wedding party! Be sure to also reserve all the transportation required for your bridesmaids and groomsmen whether in the form of a limousine rental or party bus.

Vacation Rentals

Honeymoon Vacation Accommodation Rentals

The wedding doesn't stop at the ceremony and the reception. The real fun begins when you board the plane for your vacation honeymoon destination.

You've already spent time planning the biggest day of your life. Let Rent It Today help make your honeymoon plans hassle-free. Whether your romantic journey for two consists of sand and sun or the snow, Rent It Today canhelp you find the perfect place to stay. With a simple area search, you can secure your honeymoon accommodations and all the items you will need on your journey to living happily ever after. By using Rent It Today, you can be specific in your accommodation and amenities preferences so your honeymoon is just as spectacular as your wedding.