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Surveillance Equipment Rentals

Surveillance Equipment Rental, Nanny Cams For Rent, Security Camera Rentals

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Surveillance Equipment for Rent

When people think of surveillance equipment or hidden camera devices, the first thing that comes to mind is security. In the past, surveillance equipment was mostly being used by intelligence agencies, but now it is becoming more common to see spy equipment used in private homes.Typically, this type of equipment is rather expensive, but we can offer you inexpensive rental prices to meet your surveillance needs. marketsa variety of surveillance equipment for you. Whether you are interested in outdoor cameras to monitor your home while you are away, or if you are interested in how your nanny interacts with your children, we have it all!

Surveillance Video Cameras, Hidden Security Camera Rentals

Surveillance Cameras for Rent

Surveillance video camera rentals can be an essential part in ensuring the safety of your home or business. Many individuals are interested in renting surveillance equipment or wired video camera home security systems to be able to monitor their homes while they are away on a vacation or a longer period of time. CCTV cameras are also helpful for new business buildings, as they allow monitoring the perimeter of the building by relaying the picture to televisions or screens so someone can constantly be on watch.

Another helpful form of surveillance we market is the Nanny cam. Nanny cams are helpful in allowing parents to keep an eye on how their nanny behaves around the children when they are not around. The cameras can also show the parents how the children behave. Nanny cams can give you peace of mind knowing you have employed trustworthy individuals with your children. If you are interested in checking up on some suspicious activity in or around your home check out our spy gear rentals or spy camera rentals to help you get to the bottom of things!

Maybe you suspect infidelity; a spy camera may be just what you need to determine if it’s true! We also offer portable surveillance video cameras that are perfect for individuals looking for a smaller, sleeker looking camera that is easy to transport. has all of your surveillance video camera rentals needs right here!

GPS Tracking Device Rentals, Tracker Locators For Rent

GPS Tracker Rentals

Concerned about where people are going when they use your car? Maybe your son or daughter is staying out late and not telling you where they were. Employees using the company car with undocumented travel time? Check out’s GPS tracking devices!

Keep your family members and employees in check, by keeping a close watch on the GPS device. GPS tracking devices can also be used if you suspect your spouse is cheating, to monitor and see if they really are where they say. Further, GPS tracking devices are perfect for new drivers. Every parent is concerned when their teen first begins driving, and to ensure their protection you can rent a device through! Also, check out the smaller sized tracking devices that can be placed on expensive items such as a television, in case of theft. You can track your way straight to the culprit!

Listening Devices For Rent, Audio Voice Recorder Rental

Audio Surveillance Rentals

Whether you are interested in listening in on secret conversation or just need a voice recorder for a professor during class, we have the listening device for you! Listening devices and audio surveillance equipment can listen, monitor, record, and store voice conversations. Listening devices with voice recorders or voice loggers can save conversations for legal evidence collection and monitor conversations while they take place. They are also good for evaluating threats and safety levels of people in many situations.

A wireless microphone listening device broadcasts surveillance conversations to a radio receiver or communications receiver to help law enforcement officers gather and store information. An audio surveillance system is one of the many tools police agencies use to collect evidence on suspected criminals.

In addition to being helpful when investigating crimes, or any suspicious activity, audio voice recorder rental is perfect for college students. If you have a professor that speaks too quickly for you to capture all of the notes, consider renting an audio voice recorder to record all of the lectures on tape, and listen to them later. An audio voice recorder rental is the perfect solution to avoid purchasing an expensive recording device.

Personal Proctection Gear Rentals

Personal Protection Gear Rentals

Are you concerned about your own safety? Interested in taking protective measures to guarantee your safety? Check out personal protection gear rental! A bullet-proof vest is an easily concealable form of protection that may be exactly what you need to feel safe. The vests come in a variety of sizes, styles, and levels of protection. If you are traveling to some of the world’s current hot spots, you may want to consider renting a vest for your peace of mind.

We also market a variety of stun guns and stun batons to help you protect yourself during confrontational instances.  Basically, a stun baton is an electric self-defense device. It releases an electric charge to put the aggressor into a state of shock, and can be used more than once in case you miss the attacker in your first attempt. Stun guns and batons are becoming a very popular means of protection. Their popularity is due to their easy accessibility. Many of them are designed to store in a purse or car. Some types of personal protection items are expensive to purchase making rental options a popular way to protect yourself today.

Market Your Surveillance Equipment

Are you  looking to brand your surveillance system rental comany online? Check out, where we make renting simple, and let us list your personal protection items for rent today!