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A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

  Who Was Saint Valentine? Saint Valentine, officially known as St. Valentine of Rome, is a third-century Roman saint widely associated with courtly love. He is the patron saint of affianced couples, engaged couples, epilepsy, happy marriages, love and young people. St. Valentine is often represented in pictures with birds and roses and his feast […]

Top 5 Movies to Rent for Valentine’s Day

Good old Valentine’s Day. That time of the year when us men always seem to mentally check out and “forget”, leaving no other option than to quickly rush to Walgreen’s to pick up a box of chocolates (that we end up eating anyways) and a Hallmark card. It’s the thought that counts, so my best […]

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Five Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas No One Wants

Aaaahhhh, love is in the air here at Rent It Today. With Valentine’s Day upon us and because we care about you, we’ve compiled a list of five unique gifts you could give your Sweetie this year. But before we give away the secrets to a successful Valentine’s Day, we would like to state the […]

Red Hearts and The Red Carpet Treatment on Valentines Day

A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Creates an Unforgettable Experience Valentines Day was like any other day until my girlfriend greeted me at our lunch date with a very small gift wrapped box. It was about the size of a ring box but a quick shake produced a jingle that didn’t sound like a ring. They […]

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