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One-Way Ticket Out of Dodge in a Rental – for Free

You know you’ve thought about it. After weeks, months, or years behind that office desk, you just want to get away. No, I’m not talking about a three-day road trip or a weeklong stay at some dated condo along one of Florida’s many beaches. I’m talking about getting away for good – or at least for […]

Red River Gorge

Top 8 Fall 2014 Travel Trends

There’s really no bad time to travel, but in my opinion fall is the best season to get out town for a few days. Here in the Midwest, there are several great spots within a half a day drive including Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, West Virginia, and the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Thinking of planning a little getaway […]

Vacation Rentals for Travel and Leisure’s Top US City to Visit

We are over halfway through National Tourism Week. Although that doesn’t leave much time for planning a trip this weekend, don’t fret. Rent It Today is here to make your vacation planning simple, so you can relax and enjoy some time away from the daily grind. When looking for top vacation spots, we seek the […]