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U.S. Military Building Stealth Hybrid Motorcycle

While I sit here at my desk writing this article, the U.S. Military is hard on work on a new toy that would make even Batman jealous. According to a story at FoxNews.com, the military is moving forward with plans to develop a silent motorcycle for its covert ops. Although the technical details of the […]

Motorcycle Rental in West Palm Beach

Top 3 Most Gorgeous Motorcycle Routes in West Palm Beach

About this time of the year, folks north of the Mason-Dixon Line begin flocking to Florida to take advantage of the warm weather, beaches, and sunshine. One popular destination in the Sunshine State is West Palm Beach. Sure, West Palm Beach has plenty of great restaurants, shops, and other attractions, but to really experience the […]

NBC’s Parks and Recreation Jumps on Board the Rental Bandwagon

With each passing day, we’re witness to people catching the “renting bug.” First, it was cars and tuxedos. Then, it was beach chairs and wedding items. Next, came the electronics and party inflatables. Now, it’s just about anything you can imagine. And when I say anything, I mean even chickens, caskets, and bear spray. Yeah, […]

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