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The 10 Most Bone-Chilling Episodes of The Twilight Zone

The Original Golden Age of Television The designation of the label, “Golden Age of Television”, has been redefined in recent years. We now refer to the fifties generation of television as the “first” golden period and our modern era as the “second” period of high quality programming. With remarkable film-like dramas such as Mad Men, […]

The Hitchhiker Twilight Zone

Daisy Duke

Top 5 Coolest TV Intro Themes of All Time

Where Have All the Good Themes Gone? The traditional title sequence has been shortened significantly over the decades. In today’s binge-watch, gotta-have-it-now culture, it’s hard to imagine a time when families gathered around tube television sets equipped with antennas and a whopping four channels to choose from, but that’s how things were in the not-so-distant […]

Top 5 Classic Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday

The good thing about holiday movies is that there’s something for everybody. Do you love Christmas? You’re covered. Loathe the holiday season? Got that covered, too. Somewhere out there is a movie that fits your mood. Rent It Today has picked out some of the essential classics that cover a variety of genres but all […]

Christmas Vacation movie

Terminator 2

The 5 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Films

Arnold Schwarzenegger became a household name in 1984 with his iconic performance as a cyborg assassin in The Terminator. The film launched the Austrian-born professional bodybuilder into the forefront of Hollywood action cinema. His take on the cold demeanor and rugged physique hero that actors such Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood personified in the 60s […]

Music Streaming Service Rentals On the Rise

Back in the 90s, I saved money from working for my dad’s landscaping company in the summer time. I had a Sony Walkman Discman player–the successor to the 80s cassette tape version of the portable music phenomenon. I put a new pack of AA batteries in them every two weeks. I remember CD stores weren’t […]

Top 5 Movies to Rent for Valentine’s Day

Good old Valentine’s Day. That time of the year when us men always seem to mentally check out and “forget”, leaving no other option than to quickly rush to Walgreen’s to pick up a box of chocolates (that we end up eating anyways) and a Hallmark card. It’s the thought that counts, so my best […]

Top 5 Halloween Scary Movie Rentals

Axe wielding madmen, demons, ghosts, and flesh eating zombies are among the most iconic villains in film history. Every October, we submit ourselves to the wrathful command of these ghouls, in an art form that aims to thrill and scare the living hell out of us. We must be crazy to let these screen phantoms […]


Redbox Dominates Disc Rentals

As the torch of video rental stores are sequentially extinguished across the country, Redbox moves to the forefront of disc rentals. With Netflix focusing on being a steaming video platform, Redbox continues to see its rental business boom, taking 50% of the market share. Redbox parent company, Outerwall, reported 186.7 million disc rentals this quarter. […]

FreshNeck Sets Out to Be “Netflix for Ties”

If you’re one of the (seemingly) few men who still wears a suit to work each day, you know all to well how the price of neckwear and other accessories isn’t cheap. Whether you are purchasing a new tie to keep up with style trends or replacing a worn out pocket square, these complementary pieces […]