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The Solution to Your Milwaukee Home Medical Needs

As we get older, we may not get around as well as we used to. We may feel great – “a 110%” – yet move at a slower speed than our younger counterparts. You’ve also probably noticed that it takes a bit longer for your body to recover from a tough workout or minor injury. For many […]

Behle Street in Memphis, TN

Medical Equipment Rentals for Your Musical Adventure in Memphis TN

Memphis, TN is synonymous with music. Many famous musicians got their start there. When you visit Memphis, you can’t help but be surrounded by melodious adventures. And if your visit would benefit from a mobility scooter or other accessibility rental, we can help you find it. The Sweet Sounds & Sights of Memphis If you’re […]

Medical Equipment Rentals in San Antonio, Texas

Renting Medical Equipment is the Choice of Smart Travelers Home health care is normally provided in the comfort of your residence. Medical equipment and your medical supply store are easy to choose because you’ve found a durable medical equipment business you can trust in your town. When you hit the road it’s often a different […]

Wheelchair Rental

San Diego CA area medical equipment rentals

Ultimate Resource for San Diego Medical Equipment Needs

Saving lives…that’s what they’re doing in San Diego, CA. Whether you are in need of medical supplies, hospital equipment rentals, new or used medical devices for purchase, or service/maintenance for your existing equipment, Rent It Today can help you find the support you need. Medical Equipment Rentals For A Variety Of Environments Medical equipment rentals […]

Where to Find Durable Home Medical Equipment Rentals in Albany, NY

Do you or a loved one suffer from a condition that is making it increasingly difficult to climb the stairs of your home? Are you hiding or ignoring the pain, because you don’t want to face having to leave the place you love and have made a lifetime of memories? With the simple addition of […]

Woman Using Stair Lift

Where to rent DME in Chicago IL

Medical Equipment Rental Makes Coming Home Easier on You and Your Wallet

Because You Don’t Live in the Doctor’s Office or the Hospital A November 9, 2012 story from Chicago, Illinois illustrates why businesses that rent medical equipment have come into existence. In short, you just never know when you might need a hospital bed, wheelchair, leg caddy, or other type of medical equipment at home and […]

Get a Leg Up On Healing With a Knee Walker Rental

Cast Aside Those Crutches! When New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter broke his ankle during the 2012 American League Championship, it made me think of the time I fractured my ankle playing softball back in 1999. Back then I had to rely on a pair of crutches to get around while my body healed. Learning […]

Rent A Knee Walker and Get Around Without Crutches

Figure on Crutches

Comfortable Mobility Aids Instead Of Uncomfortable Crutches

It’s never fun having surgery. What can be worse, however, are the limitations that come with recovery. When an individual has foot or ankle surgery, those limitations can cause frustration and discouragement. In years past, recovery from such procedures meant hobbling around on uncomfortable and often painful crutches. But not anymore! Now, you can say, […]

Sonogram vs. Ultrasound & Fetal Doppler Rentals

Is An Ultrasound The Same As A Sonogram? When I was pregnant, I was so anxious to see my unborn baby during my ultrasound appointments. After each visit, I excitedly showed the ultrasounds to my Mom, my Dad, my husband’s family, and basically any stranger I came across during my travels to each. On one […]

3D Ultrasound

Bed Fit For A King

Luxury Hospital Bed vs. Standard Hospital Bed

I’ve given birth to two children. I’ve had my tonsils and adenoids removed. I’ve even spent time in the hospital for patient monitoring when I had a laundry list of symptoms that turned out to be just a severe case of stress (yeah, right). During each of those instances, I either stayed overnight or spent […]