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Tips for Moving to the Big City

After years of toiling away in college, you’ve earned your degree and just landed a big time job in the big city. After all the hard work you’ve put in over the past four years, moving should be the easy part, right? Not exactly. From finding an apartment to fit your budget to packing up your stuff to hauling […]

Los Angeles, California


Live Like a Celebrity (For a Day Anyway)

  For whatever reason, millions of Americans just can’t seem to get enough celebrity gossip. They’ve become obsessed with the latest Hollywood rumors and spend far too much time reading US Magazine and browsing Perez Hilton.com. Whether it’s the glitz and glam or the fame and fortune, they want what their favorite stars have and […]

Rental Makes the Decision to GoPro a No-Brainer

If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast – or just an avid viewer of YouTube videos – you’re likely familiar with GoPro cameras. Used by X Games athletes, Hollywood directors, musicians, and millions of people worldwide, GoPro cameras provide cinema-grade, panoramic footage from the user’s point of view. Sales of the camera have more than doubled […]