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Hospital Administrators Do Their Homework Before Making Buying Decisions

Before many of us make a big purchase such as a car, home, television or smartphone, we typically do quite a bit of research before pulling the trigger. In the world of healthcare, things aren’t all that different. Like us, hospital administrators and doctors spend a fair amount of time doing online research before buying […]

Drone Service Delivers Medical Aid

Drone Service to Deliver Medical Equipment to Remote Areas

Here in the U.S., most Americans can get medical supplies and attention fairly easily. In some parts of the country and several locations around the world, however, getting urgent products and equipment for medical purposes can be extremely challenging. To reach these isolated and remote areas on our planet, one company is utilizing the rapidly […]

What Exactly is a TENS Pain Relief Device?

Brief History of Electrotherapy Since the times of ancient Rome electrical stimulation has been utilized for pain relief. Romans who suffered from headaches, gout, joint and muscle ache would walk down to the seashore of the Mediterranean sea and stand on electrical fish. Scribonius Largus, the court physician to Roman emperor Claudius, is known to […]

Electrotherapy TENS Unit

What the Heck is a Mobile C-Arm?

If you’ve ever been to an orthopedic center or have been to a cardiologist’s office, you may have heard a nurse, doctor or assistant talk about a mobile C-arm. The question is: What the heck is it? Fortunately, the experts at Ziehm Imaging have put together an overview of the popular medical device which we’ve […]

Where to Find Wheelchair & Scooter Rentals in Philadelphia

  Rent Medical Equipment in Philadelphia, PA For many years Rent It Today has been assisting residents of and visitors to the Philadelphia, PA metro area in finding mobility solutions for rent. By offering an array of durable medical equipment including mobility lifts, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and portable ramps, Rent It Today has earned a reputation of excellence in the […]

Find Medical Equipment Rental in Philadelphia PA

Where to Find Palliative Care in Cincinnati

Queen City Hospice & Palliative Care in Cincinnati

Queen City Hospice in Cincinnati Queen City Hospice is a regional leader in providing physical, emotional, and spiritual care for patients with advanced illnesses. By enlisting the aid of Queen City Hospice Care, you’ll receive care from physicians who specialize  in pain and symptom management. Their clinical team includes: Psychosocial care experts (counselors, non-denominational chaplains, […]

Find Healthcare Uniform Rental Services in New York

Linen Service Can Help You Find Medical Linen Rentals Healthcare uniform rentals are a cost effective solution to any hospital’s uniform requirements. The qualified laundry services featured by Linen Service ensure proper soil care, safe storage and a quick delivery system. Their uniform services carefully inspect each piece for items frequently found in medical wear. […]

Where to find medical linen rentals

Rent Pride Electric Powerchair Mobility Scooter in NY, NY

Mobility & Medical Equipment Rentals in Manhattan NYC

Falk Surgical Supplies carries a full line of home medical equipment for sale or rent, serving both residents of and visitors to the Manhattan Borough of New York City and surrounding areas. Your health & recovery is our business. We strive to bring you useful and relevant information regarding any product or medical equipment that you or a loved […]

Diagnostic C-Arm System Rentals from Multi Imager

C-Arm systems are some of the most rented medical instruments in the healthcare industry. The refurbished medical imaging industry is booming with insiders predicting a $8.45 billion global market by the year 2017. Rent It Today and Multi Imager have teamed up to provide you the best selection of medical imaging devices nationwide, with our […]

C Arm

who rents medical equipment to las vegas visitors

Medical Equipment Rentals in Las Vegas, Nevada

State Medical Equipment Serves Metro Las Vegas State Medical Equipment provides quality medical equipment rentals to visitors and residents of Las Vegas, Nevada. A full service home medical equipment business, they supply a broad range of HME services. State Medical Equipment has your healthcare needs covered with their extensive inventory of  CPAP/BiPap machines, hospital beds, […]