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How to Carve a Cool Pumpkin for Halloween

Unless you’ve been living under rock, you’re probably well aware that Halloween is knocking at the door. With that being said, if you haven’t already carved your pumpkin, you better get to it. Rather than rolling out the same old design, we’ve shared a list of tips for carving a better Jack O’Lantern, courtesy of […]

Pumpkin carving tips

The Hitchhiker Twilight Zone

The 10 Most Bone-Chilling Episodes of The Twilight Zone

The Original Golden Age of Television The designation of the label, “Golden Age of Television”, has been redefined in recent years. We now refer to the fifties generation of television as the “first” golden period and our modern era as the “second” period of high quality programming. With remarkable film-like dramas such as Mad Men, […]

How To Have a Stylish Halloween Wedding

Everyone knows that fall is the perfect time of the year to throw a wedding, but we’re willing to bet that many couples shy away from a Halloween celebration. For those of you who are a little quirky and dare to be different, however, we’ve shared a list of stylish Halloween wedding ideas, courtesy of […]

Halloween wedding style ideas

Haunted House

The 5 Scariest Halloween Haunted House Attractions in The U.S.

“We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.”- Stephen King What possesses us to pay to be scared out of our wits? Thrill-seekers line-up every October to gain entry into the most gruesome and sadistic haunted houses in the country. Of course not everyone enjoys being afraid but many relish in […]

Top 4 Wheelchair Halloween Costume Ideas

Coming up with Halloween costume ideas when you’re incorporating a wheelchair can be an exercise in imagination. Pop-culture characters in wheelchairs are a good place to start. Rent It Today would like to help you pick a character with a few obvious choices that come to mind. If done right, you might just win “Best […]

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Tool Rentals To Die For

Cool beads of sweat surface upon your forehead, creating an oily residue that mats your hair to your brow. The blood rushing to your head emits heat, slightly chilled by the rush of cool autumn air thrashing your face. Your heart pounds behind your eardrums like mallets against a gong—drowning out the sound of dead […]

Top 5 Halloween Scary Movie Rentals

Axe wielding madmen, demons, ghosts, and flesh eating zombies are among the most iconic villains in film history. Every October, we submit ourselves to the wrathful command of these ghouls, in an art form that aims to thrill and scare the living hell out of us. We must be crazy to let these screen phantoms […]


Tips For Renting a Halloween Costume

How many Halloween costumes have you purchased for yourself or your children only to wear it once and never again? Unfortunately, most of us have made that short term commitment only to realize our $50 could’ve been spent on extra candy instead. With Halloween creeping around the corner, save some money and consider renting your […]

San Diego, CA Offers Visitors Plenty of Scares

  If you’ve been stuck sitting behind a computer or crammed into a tiny cubicle, San Diego is the type of place you dream about when your mind wanders: Beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, and beautiful surroundings. What you probably didn’t know is San Diego is also a place which can give you goose bumps of […]

Happy Halloween from Rent It Today

Don’t Disguise Your Halloween Spirit On October 31st

  The final day of the month of October brings Halloween. Rent It Today wants to take this opportunity to say Happy Halloween to our fans, followers, visitors, and rental partners. Halloween is a fun day and it’s a prime opportunity to spend quality time together as a family. If you have young children, dressing […]