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Software Being Used by Landlords to Determine Your Rent

  If you’re on the hunt for a new apartment, you’re well aware of the current conditions in the marketplace. For several reasons, demand for rental housing is growing across the country, particularly in urban areas as many recent graduates, young families, and empty-nesters move back into cities. Higher demand is good news for landlords […]

New York Computer Rentals

Houseboat Made of Shipping Containers Hits Water

If you’ve ever been to Lake Cumberland in the southern part of Kentucky, you probably spotted more than a few houseboats out on the water during your trip. What I guarantee you didn’t see, however, was a houseboat made from old shipping containers but yes, one does exist. Docked at a Belfast marina is a […]

How to Tackle Spring Cleaning Like a Champ

Soon (hopefully, very soon) winter will be over and sun and warmer temperatures will mark the beginning of spring. Aside from better weather, spring is also the season to start tackling your home to-do list. Perhaps you have a garden that needs to be prepped, a deck that needs stained, or some long overdue cleaning […]

Janet Jackson’s Central Park Apartment Up for Rent

Most of us would agree that in many parts of the country $35K per year is an OK salary for someone who is single or perhaps lives a modest life. If you want to rent Janet Jackson’s Central Park apartment, however, $35K won’t last long. In fact, that salary won’t even cover first and last […]

Take a Little Break from the Cold and Catch Some Baseball

With sub-zero temperatures expected to roll in this week, most of us here in the Midwest can’t help but daydream about the hot and sunny days of summer. If you’re suffering from cabin fever, why not head out a little trip this spring to watch your favorite baseball team in action? Spring training is just […]

Cindy Crawford's Home For Rent

Everybody’s Doing It, Even Celebrities

First, it was Chris Rock. Next came Gloria Estefan followed up by Rihanna. Now, add a little Cindy Crawford to the mix. Can you guess what all these celebrities have in common, besides the obvious waning career? Each is renting out one of their not-so-humble abodes to us commoners. Ms. Crawford and her husband recently […]

80’s Pop Star Guest House for Rent

Want to live like an 80’s pop star or at least like one of their overnight guests? Well, we have good news. According to Curbed, Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio are renting out their amazing guest house in Miami Beach, Florida for a cool $30,000 per month. A “Floridian Villa” Located on 1 Star […]

Rent Gloria Estefan's Guest House

Playing Saxophone While Riding Camel

Honor Adophe Sax with an Instrument Rental

Do you know what day it is? Besides the latest viral phenomenon that includes pictures of camels indicated “hump day” each week, today also happens to be National Saxophone Day! Play a Little Birthday Ditty Researching the founder of the observance has left me a bit “winded,” but I can tell you the inventor of […]


Tips For Renting a Halloween Costume

How many Halloween costumes have you purchased for yourself or your children only to wear it once and never again? Unfortunately, most of us have made that short term commitment only to realize our $50 could’ve been spent on extra candy instead. With Halloween creeping around the corner, save some money and consider renting your […]