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Tips For Renting a Halloween Costume

How many Halloween costumes have you purchased for yourself or your children only to wear it once and never again? Unfortunately, most of us have made that short term commitment only to realize our $50 could’ve been spent on extra candy instead. With Halloween creeping around the corner, save some money and consider renting your […]


Rent Broadway Musical Poster

Rent The Musical Is Coming Down In New York City

It is difficult to conduct any online search containing the word rent without returning a result which relates to the long running Broadway show of the same name. We’ve heard that from many folks who find Rent It Today online when searching for rental providers. Rent Will Close Off Broadway In September An off-Broadway revival […]

Don’t Disguise Your Halloween Spirit On October 31st

  The final day of the month of October brings Halloween. Rent It Today wants to take this opportunity to say Happy Halloween to our fans, followers, visitors, and rental partners. Halloween is a fun day and it’s a prime opportunity to spend quality time together as a family. If you have young children, dressing […]

Happy Halloween from Rent It Today