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Study Finds Bringing Your Own Child Seat When Traveling May Be Best

With the holidays quickly approaching, many families are finalizing their travel plans to visit grandparents and other relatives out of town. Before they hit the road in that rental car, however, they may want to check out a recent article from the folks at Consumer Reports. In an article released earlier this month, the publication […]

Enterprise Expanding Car Rental Service Across Europe

Most of us are familiar with Enterprise’s slogan, “We’ll pick you up.” Apparently, that means just about anywhere. According to a recent article on Skift, the car rental giant is extending its reach across Europe, announcing new franchisee appointments in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. It has been reported that the “new partnerships bring the company […]

Hawaii Rental Car Company Honored for Being Green

As the Big Three car rental companies in the United States begin expanding their fleets to include hybrid and electric-powered cars, one small independently owned business in Maui is earning accolades for their “green” approach. Claiming to be the most environmentally-friendly rental car company in the world, Bio-Beetle was recently named one of three winners […]

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Dream It and Rent It: Demand for Luxury Cars Growing

Growing up, most people have at one time or another fantasized about their dream car. Whether it’s a classic Mustang, a Lamborghini, or vintage Rolls Royce, they’ve often pictured themselves behind the wheel of that car, cruising down Highway 1 or taking it out for a night on the town. Now, thanks to car rental […]

Car Rentals and Social Media

Rental Car Companies Using Social Media to Attract Customers

In today’s world, businesses of all sizes are using social media to interact with and engage current customers and attract new ones. Despite the fact that larger companies and brands have a larger pool of resources, social media has helped even the playing field for small businesses with creative ideas but a limited budget. From […]

Range Anxiety Hurting Electric Car Rental Market

By 2015, President Obama had hoped to have one million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road in the United States. That goal now seems a bit lofty unless demand picks up – and consumers’ anxiety dies down. According to a recent article published in Bloomberg, many rental car drivers are trading in an EV for […]

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Car Rental King Enterprise Now Offering Hog Rentals

The largest car rental brand in North America, Enterprise, has announced a new addition to its fleet of vehicles in Las Vegas – motorcycles. Per USA Today, “When you go to Las Vegas, you will see motorcycles everywhere” says Dave Nestor, Enterprise’s senior vice president, West Coast Operations. He says the move was largely driven […]

What to Know In Case You Wreck Your Rental

Most of us have been there before. You’re standing at the front counter of a car rental company when the agent asks if you’d like to purchase supplemental insurance for the vehicle. Treating the coverage as just another add-on, you decline thinking to yourself, “What could possibly go wrong?” Well, a lot actually and it […]

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Mobile App Allows Renters To Reserve Cars From Phone

National Car Rental is offering a mobile app that allows customers to customize their car rental selection from their phone. The app aims to minimize the stress of making reservations in-person. Customers who have arrived from a flight and are still in the terminal can request specific car models, colors, and packages remotely. Even though […]