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Improve Your Trade Show Presence with These Free Apps

Whether it’s the large crowds, free-flowing alcohol, or pushy sales reps, trade shows can be a bit overwhelming, if not downright nuts. Fortunately, there are a handful of free smartphone apps available to make your experience not only bearable but also beneficial. Below, we’ve shared a list of these apps compiled by the experts at TechRepublic. […]

Technology Hasn’t Slowed Trade Show Industry

Despite advancements in technology that have made it easier for vendors and retailers from around the world to connect and build business relationships, the centuries old trade show industry continues to thrive and, in some areas, grow. While social media or Skype or a website can bring two parties together, it often takes a face-to-face […]

Industry Experts Share Latest Trade Show Trends

Regardless of the time year, it’s always trade show season. Each year, thousands of shows are held in the U.S. that highlight the latest and greatest products and services across hundreds of different industries. Collectively, the shows are attended by well over a million guests and tens of thousands of vendors. As is the case […]

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Why To Rent Trade Show Exhibits From The Pros

Trade Show Exhibit Rental Offers Tangible Benefits Last summer, I traveled to New York to attend several men’s fashion trade shows throughout the city. Although most of the vendor booths were pretty basic, there were a handful of brands whose set-ups really stood out from the crowd. If you are familiar with the trade show […]

Umbrella Rental Service to Test Pilot Program in NYC

If ever there was something that could be described as consistently inconsistent, it’s the weather. Here in Northern Kentucky, we just celebrated what we thought was the start of spring with temperatures in the high 70s over the weekend. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to snow. Looking to take advantage of the unpredictability of weather in New […]

Rent an MBA for Short-Term Projects

For small business owners across the country, every dollar counts. As the economy continues on the road to recovery, many small businesses are still operating on lean budgets and a limited number of resources. To help reduce costs, many owners have had to make necessary but unwanted cuts to various departments within their companies. But […]

New Gadgets to Help Boost Your Golf Experience in 2014

You wouldn’t know by walking outside, but golf season is right around the corner. In January, the PGA hosted their annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida and there were several great products on display for the thousands of golfers making their way through the event. From stand bags to tracking radars, this year’s show […]

How Your Company Can Hit a Homerun at Trade Shows in 2014

If you have a new product or introducing a new and improved version of a top seller, trade shows are a great opportunity to gain exposure and show off your latest creation to buyers, retailers, investors, consumers, and anyone else who has stopped by your booth. Unfortunately, acting as an exhibitor can be expensive when […]

Construction Equipment Industry Stabilizing, More Companies Look to Rent

With the worst of the Great Recession most likely behind us, many industries are looking to rebound and many companies are looking to rebound. Perhaps one of the industries hit the hardest over the past six years is the construction industry. From housing to transportation to commercial development, this industry took the brunt of the […]

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Increase Productivity with Document Management Rentals

If you own a financial firm, law firm or medical office you are fully aware of the significance of having your files organized. Maintaining the files of hundreds, if not thousands, of clients is a tedious process that shouldn’t be neglected. Why bury yourself beneath a mound of paper when you can switch over to […]