Best Summer Rentals in the Hamptons

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This summer, I’m planning to spend a couple of days taking in the sights in Chicago. Sure, I’ve been there before but the Windy City is a great place to get away if you’re on a budget. Living in Kentucky, there’s no reason to fly and thanks to sites such as, it’s easy to […]

Coachella Increases Vacation Rental Rates

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Back in January, I posted an article on residents of East Rutherford who were cashing in by renting out their homes and apartments to fans in town for the Super Bowl. Apparently, they are not the only ones making some serious money on rentals. According to a recent story in The Desert Sun, high-profile events […]

Tips For Booking Vacation Rentals in Alabama

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In just a few short days, spring break for thousands of students across the country will begin. If you’re looking to take the family out of town for a few days but haven’t yet booked your trip, you might want to consider the lovely beaches of Alabama. Often less crowded than many of the popular […]

Make Like Scuba Steve and Take the Plunge

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Alright, Old Man Winter. You win. With a winter that has dipped temperatures outside the Rent It Today office into the single digits, everyone (and I mean everyone) is looking forward to warmer months. To help pass the time between now and June, we’ve started jotting down some summertime bucket list items on the office’s […]

Two U.S. Beaches Make Fodor’s “Best” List for 2014

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If you live in the Midwest, it’s pretty common to catch yourself daydreaming about warmer temperatures, sunshine, and sandy beaches this time of the year. To help deal with those bouts of cabin fever, why not spend some downtime planning a trip to some place where the only ice you see is cooling the adult […]

Take a Little Break from the Cold and Catch Some Baseball

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With sub-zero temperatures expected to roll in this week, most of us here in the Midwest can’t help but daydream about the hot and sunny days of summer. If you’re suffering from cabin fever, why not head out a little trip this spring to watch your favorite baseball team in action? Spring training is just […]

Aspen, CO Rental Resources for 2014 Winter X-Games

2014 Winter X-Games

Grab your hot chocolate, parkas and prepare for a wild ride. Arguably the most entertaining competition in the X Games series, Winter X Games 2014 is administering a shot of adrenaline into the snowy hamlet of Aspen, Colorado. Legendary X Game athletes such as Maddie Bowman, Scotty Lago and Kelly Clark are expected to return […]

RIT Welcomes Off-Road Rentals from Durhamtown Plantation


Dirt bikes, quads, buggies, jeeps or anything else that rolls through the mud can be found at Durhamtown Plantation! There’s plenty of land to roam with over 6,000 acres of beautiful pine forested countryside at their Georgia location just east of Atlanta. Safety is a top priority, with safety equipment included with each rental. At […]

Top 5 Labor Day Music Festivals Of 2013


The days of summer are circling the drain. Like the field party scene in 1993′s cult classic, “Dazed and Confused,” the beer kegs are running dry but that doesn’t mean the party has to end. If you’re looking for a last stop for outdoor concerts, these outdoor festivals will provide the good times you need […]

Visit Wright Brothers National Memorial to Celebrate Aviation Day

The Wright Brothers

What better way to celebrate aviation than at a national memorial dedicated to the original maestros of flight: Orville and Wilbur Wright? Monday, August 19 marks National Aviation Day and to commemorate the occasion, Rent It Today will direct you in the right direction as you take your vacation trip to the birthplace of the […]