Northern States Healthiest Places to Live for U.S. Seniors

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You would think a state with warmer temperatures and a lot of sunshine such as Florida or California would top the list of healthiest places to live for folks over the age of 65. But you’d be wrong. According to the latest report from the United Health Foundation, many of the healthiest places to live […]

Where To Rent Race Wheels For Escape New York 2014

Bicycle Marathon

Have you been a  recreational rider for years and are now ready to race with serious cyclists? Good for you. To help you prepare for your first race, we’ve shared a list of tips put together by Neil Bezdek for The 20th annual Escape New York from the New York Cycle Club will take […]

How to Throw an Amazing Company Picnic

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Tips For Planning a Company Picnic Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for swimming pools, barbeques, baseball, and that dreaded company picnic. To make matters worse, you’ve been put in charge of organizing the event this year. Don’t sweat it. To help you put together a party that kicks ass, we’ve shared a […]

Redbox Dominating DVD Rental Market

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Redbox Takes Over Rentals In case you have noticed, Redbox is everywhere. In just a few short years, the little red boxes parked outside just about every grocery or drug store have helped put major movie rental chains such as Blockbuster and Hollywood Video practically out of business. The red boxes, which are packed with […]

Satellite Phone Helps U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Rower

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After being stranded for over four hours nearly 50 miles off the coast of Morro Bay, Calif., a solo rower participating in the Great Pacific Race was rescued thanks in part to his satellite phone. The rower, who had capsized several times due to rough seas and high winds after departing from Monterey, Calif., was […]

Where To Find New York Mobility Scooter Rentals

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Whether you are driving to work or riding a bus or walking around downtown, chances are you’ll see at least one of those iconic blue and white signs posted near a ramp, door, or parking space. The signs, which show a nondescript person sitting in a wheelchair, are everywhere – at least for now. According […]

TripAdvisor Releases List of Top Value Summer Rental Spots

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Well, if the hot temperatures and unbearable humidity hasn’t given it away, we’re here to tell you that summer has officially started. If you live in the Midwest, you’re probably already thinking about taking a trip to someplace cooler or at least near a large body of water. Am I right? I thought so. Before […]

Update: Rent It Today Home Page Layout Change

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Recent visitors might’ve noticed a change in the appearance of the Rent It Today homepage in the past week. Do not be alarmed, we’re the same company and our website hasn’t been hijacked. Rent It Today is still the #1 rental resource, but in order to stay at the top, Rent It Today is dedicated […]

How to Attract Attendees to Your Trade Show Booth

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To help build brand awareness and spread the word about your new product, you’ve decided to rent a booth at this year’s industry trade show. Unfortunately, your company is on a limited budget and wasn’t able to spring for the prime piece of real estate on the trade show floor. So how can you draw […]

Louisville Latest City to Announce Bike Share Program

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Apparently, riding a bike is cool again. Following in the footsteps of Chicago, New York, and even Columbus, Ohio, the city of Louisville has announced plans to Louisville has announced launch a $1.6 million bike share program in and around its downtown. The program, which will be developed using a federal highway grant, a city […]