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Two-Way Radio With GPS Helps Boost Response Times

Let’s say you’re the head of a mall security team on Black Friday. At some point during your shift, you get a call from a store employee about a theft or a fight that has broken out in the store. Rather than sending out a blanket message, wouldn’t it be nice to connect with the […]

Two-way Radio Rentals for Security

Tips for moving during the holidays

4 Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season   Recently updated !

I think we can all agree that relocating during the holiday season isn’t ideal. But it’s not impossible, either. Back in 1991, my family moved from a farmhouse in southeastern Indiana to a ranch across the border in Ohio on Christmas Eve. We all ended up sleeping on the floor that first night but we […]

3 Ways to Tackle Your Next Home Improvement Project

Let’s be honest. When it comes to home improvement projects, it’s easy to procrastinate. After a long work day (or week), many of us just don’t feel up to spending our free time crossing more things off our to-do lists, particularly major tasks such as laying a new floor, remodeling a bathroom, or landscaping our […]

Tips for getting started on home improvement projects

Build a raised bed at your home.

3 Types of Raised Garden Beds You Can Build Yourself

When it comes to growing your own herbs and vegetables, you can spend your time crawling around on the ground and digging in the dirt, or you could build a simple raised bed and reap the benefits of planting a garden off the ground. Below, we’ve shared a list of benefits of raised beds as […]

Satellite vs. Cell Phones: What the Heck’s the Difference?

Like most folks, I use my smartphone for just about everything. Need to look up a recipe? Smartphone. Need to send a text to a friend? Smartphone. Need to call home? Smartphone. Need to post a picture online? Smartphone. Need to send an email to a client? Smartphone. To be honest, I could do most […]

Rent a Satellite Phone in San Diego

Two-way radios are great for hunters and outdoor lovers

New Motorola Two-Way Radio ‘Designed with Hunters in Mind’

Two-way radios play an important role in a variety of different industries, including construction, education, healthcare, fire and rescue, law enforcement, manufacturing, and many others. They’re also used by another group of users who spend their time trampling through the woods: hunters. Seemingly looking to capitalize on this market, Motorola recently launched the TALKABOUT T465 […]

Here’s How to Give Your Home a Boost for $10K or Less

A home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life. It’s also the biggest investment. To boost its value, you must not only maintain it, but also pour some money (and love and time) into it from time to time. While many home improvement projects can cost tens of thousands of dollars, there […]

Best home improvement projects under $10,000

What to know before making a company video

3 Things to Know Before Making a Company Video

Perhaps your company’s print media ads have grown stale and your boss is looking to make a big splash or perhaps you’re a new company who is looking to share its story with the world. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided that a video is the best strategy. Before you get right to it, however, there are […]