You Need To Try These 4 Insane Winter Sports

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When the temperatures drop and fall turns to winter, many folks pack up their skis and snowboards and hit the slopes while others lace up their skates and head over to the nearest ice rink for some skating or hockey. All are great forms of recreation and exercise but what if I told you there […]

8 Amazing Spots for a Snowmobile Ride in Colorado

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Yes, we know the fall season has just begun but it’s hard not to think about winter when the Christmas decorations are already going up in our neighborhood grocery store (But what about Halloween? Or Thanksgiving?). So here we are, before the first flakes fall, thinking about playing (and not driving) in that fluffy white stuff. This year, instead of hibernating at the house, consider […]

Ogden, Utah a Place for Outdoor Enthusiasts, Art Lovers and History Buffs

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If you hear someone mention Ogden, Utah, outdoor fun and history might be the first two things that come to mind. In fact, the first thing that pops into your head is probably a question: Where the heck is Ogden? Referred to as “…a Disneyland for adrenaline junkies” in 2008 by Sunset Magazine, Ogden is […]

Rent a Snowmobile & Visit a Top Spot for Sled Heads

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If you’ve lived in the Northeast or Midwest, you know there’s not much do outdoors in the dead of winter. Instead of sitting in front of the television catching up on several seasons of The Office on Netflix, why not bundle up and head out for a different kind of adventure? Now that the holidays […]

Montana Locator Beacon and GoPro Rental

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Montana is a snowmobile enthusiast’s dream come true. Hundreds of miles of snow covered trails to lose yourself in more ways than one. Rent It Today and Outdoor Equipment Unlimited are dedicated to making sure that when you hit the Montana back country on your snowmobile, you’ll be safe with a trusty GPS and locator […]

Explore a Piece of Mother Nature’s Backcountry

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When was the last time you truly got away? No, I’m not talking traveling to a big city with friends or a family vacation to a trending tourist trap. I’m talking about a trip to a secluded spot free of smartphones, shopping malls, and Sunday night HBO; a place to connect with Mother Nature instead […]

Vacationing in Summit County: Colorado’s Winter Playground

Breckenridge, Colorado in Summit County

Have you hit the slopes yet this ski season?  If not, consider heading to “Colorado’s Winter Playground”.  This second part to our series on Colorado travel and vacation destinations features the ski resorts and towns of Summit County, Colorado. Summit County is Colorado’s Winter Playground It’s not hard to understand why Summit County is Colorado’s […]