Artists Leaving San Francisco Due to Rising Rents

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If you build it, they will come. But it you raise the rents, they won’t stay long. In major cities across the country, rising rental rates caused by an increase in demand and shortage of available units have forced renters to relocate to more affordable locations in neighboring towns or even states. As one of […]

5 Easy Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters

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While it’s true that many adult children are living under their parents’ roof longer, millions of married baby boomers now find themselves alone in homes where they raised their families. Although the house is no longer filled with the sounds of kids screaming, it is filled with something else – junk. To help empty nesters […]

Construction Industry Employment Numbers Hit 5-year High

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More Construction Sites Mean More Jobs There has been much written over the past several months about the recovery of the construction industry and now there’s even more good news. According to a study by the Associated General Contractors of America, construction industry employment numbers in the U.S. reached a five-year high in August as […]

How to Find the Perfect College Roommate

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There are many tough decisions to make after you graduate from high school – where to go on senior trip, where to go to college, what to major in, etc. – but none of them may as important as deciding who to room with your first year away from home. The perfect roommate can make […]

Top 5 Storage Tips for College Students

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Wow. Where has the summer gone? In just a few weeks, summer break will be over and thousands of college students will pack up their belongings and head back to school. Unfortunately, moving can be a pain in the tookus for everyone involved. Before you load up a fleet of cars with tons of crap, […]

8 Tips to Cut Moving Costs

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If you’ve ever had to pack up your belongings and haul your life elsewhere, you know that moving is one of the least enjoyable experiences you will ever encounter. And unless you drive around in a U-Haul or own a moving company, the cost of moving can be expensive. Fortunately, the folks at U.S. News […]

Who Supplies Mobile Office Rentals to Major Sporting Events? Pac Van.

Pac Van rents temporary office s to major sporting events like the Indy 500

Pac-Van is among the elite in mobile office and portable storage rentals in the United States. When it comes to credentials, their resume speaks for itself: major league auto racing, pro golf, horse racing and professional and college football teams are among their top clients. Pac-Van Indianapolis Indiana supplies portable storage rentals, conex box rentals […]

Iowa Moving Company Tweaks Traditional Model, Finds Success

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If you’ve ever had to move, I probably don’t need to tell you that it’s not the most pleasant experience in the world. In fact, it flat out sucks. Whether you are hiring a moving company or renting a truck and recruiting the help of family and friends, moving can be both expensive and exhausting. […]

How to Tackle Spring Cleaning Like a Champ

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Soon (hopefully, very soon) winter will be over and sun and warmer temperatures will mark the beginning of spring. Aside from better weather, spring is also the season to start tackling your home to-do list. Perhaps you have a garden that needs to be prepped, a deck that needs stained, or some long overdue cleaning […]

Shipping Container Apartment Rentals

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The ripples of Britain’s housing market crisis has led impoverished citizens to renting stacked shipping containers as an indefinite living space. At £75 a week, these ‘mYPads’ could save British taxpayers £25,000. Containing flat-screen TVs, bathrooms and air conditioning, the allure for cash strapped citizens is more than enough in a staggering world economy. If […]