How to Throw an Amazing Company Picnic

Guests at a company picnic.

Tips For Planning a Company Picnic Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for swimming pools, barbeques, baseball, and that dreaded company picnic. To make matters worse, you’ve been put in charge of organizing the event this year. Don’t sweat it. To help you put together a party that kicks ass, we’ve shared a […]

Casino Party Planners in Chicago, Illinois

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Looking to raise funds for your organization or charity? You could always sell coupon books or mulch or candy bars or magazine subscriptions. Or you could break out the blackjack tables and slot machines and cash in with a casino night. To help you make sure your first casino night is a success, we’ve shared […]

Celebrate Your Wedding Day in The Sunshine State

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If you’re planning a destination wedding, the options are endless. If you want to celebrate your special day right here in the U.S.A., there might not be a better place than Florida. From palm trees and ocean waves to warm temperatures and historic mansions, the Sunshine State has much to offer the bride- and groom-to-be. […]

Rent Pearl Jam For a Private Concert

Pearl Jam 1991

Ever wondered how much it would cost to hire your favorite musicians for a one-off, personal concert? Degy Entertainment, a booking agency, has a list going around the internet with a majority of the music industry’s biggest music acts and their asking prices for private events. With anonymous origins, the list does have some suspicious […]

Rent a Restroom for Your Outdoor Wedding

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You’ve reached the end of the planning stage and are ready to tie the knot. You’ve decided on an outdoor wedding and have finalized the details. The invites have been sent, the flowers have been ordered, and the band has been booked. You’ve thought of everything, right? Maybe not. Believe it or not, one of […]

Industry Pros List Top Trends in Event Furniture for 2014

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Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding, a launch party, or an elegant fundraiser, the furniture you choose should not only be functional but should help tie the design and details of the event together. To help you stay up on the latest trends, the folks at Meetings & Conventions spoke with several professionals in […]

Hot Rental Items for Event Planners

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Event planning is a serious business. If you’ve ever been to a major conference, trade or fashion show or other special event, you know, just by walking through the room, a lot of hard work was spent putting it all together. Over the course of several weeks or even months, hundreds and maybe thousands of […]

A New Limo Awaits for Our Next President

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If you’re the leader of the free world, you’re not rolling around the nation’s capital in a ’96 Lumina. No. If you’re not seated in the back of Air Force One, you’re seated in the back of a limo that offers more protection than Chuck Norris and all the members of the Secret Service combined. […]

Little Borrowed Dress Joins Crowded Gown Rental Market

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Earlier this month, we wrote about Vow to be Chic, an online start-up that offers bridesmaid dresses and gowns for rent. Over the last year, a handful of similar sites have popped up, riding the coattails of Rent the Runway, the first notable company in this space. One of those sites is Little Borrowed Dress […]

Charcoal Grill vs Gas Grill Rentals

Do I rent a charcoal or gas grill ?

Walter Wanderley’s “Summer Samba” plays from the RCA turntable in the living room. The screen patio door opens as mom sways out the door holding a tray of hors d’oeuvre, squinting as she walks into the noon summer sun. Dad is standing by the grill talking to the neighbor–hot dog fork in one hand and […]