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Suit Up for Work with Uniform Rentals from Linen Finder

Why You Should Hire a Uniform Rental Service Uniforms are one of the most important factors of your brand image. Your employees are representative of your company so they should be dressed according to the core values of your business. Unless your business is huge and can afford tailors and laundering services to keep up […]

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New Survey Shows U.S. Hotel Industry is Hiring

Across America, job growth has continued to crawl at a snail’s pace over the past several years. Recently, however, some industries such as construction and home health services have seen the pace of employment numbers pick up. Following the release of the results from a new survey, we can add the hotel industry to this list. Based on a survey from the American […]

Find Healthcare Uniform Rental Services in New York

Linen Service Can Help You Find Medical Linen Rentals Healthcare uniform rentals are a cost effective solution to any hospital’s uniform requirements. The qualified laundry services featured by Linen Service ensure proper soil care, safe storage and a quick delivery system. Their uniform services carefully inspect each piece for items frequently found in medical wear. […]

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Uniform Rental Top Trends for 2014

Uniform Manufacturer Cintas Reflects On 2014 Earlier this week, the Cintas Corporation, known by companies large and small around the world as “The Uniform People”, recently announced the top rental uniform trends for 2014. Inspired by runway and retail fashions, the next generation of uniforms will come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. […]

VIDEO: Linen Rentals for Your Vacation, Restaurant, Company, or Event

  We’ve all been to a hotel where the linens are such poor quality, we find ourselves questioning, “Is this the washcloth or the towel?” Years ago, the simple resolution to this dilemma was to simply pack your own clean, comfortable, unquestionable linens. You may have even brought a separate suitcase full of bath towels, […]

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Chesapeake Bay Offers a Relaxing Virginia Beach Experience

If you’re from the Midwest, you’ve probably packed up the car and headed south to Florida for a summer vacation at some point in your life. After the long drive down I-75, you hit the Florida state line and spend several more hours navigating through traffic until you finally reach your beachside condo. Instead of […]

Linen Service Provides Convenience, Less Headaches

Whether you operate a hospital, manage a restaurant or hotel, or provide uniforms for the employees of your small business, linens are just one of the many expenses to factor into your company’s budget. As you look for ways to cut costs, you might consider moving linen services in-house. Sure, it may seem like a […]

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Find All Your Linen and Uniform Services Through Linen Finder

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Linens come in a variety of formats. You will find them in hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, salons, and fitness clubs, just to name a few. Unfortunately, chair covers, towels, bedding, and other linens get worn and tattered from being used and cleaned so frequently. Instead of buying new items each time they need to be […]

Linen Rentals and Uniform Laundry Services

Your business image is vitally important and conducting business successfully requires establishing and maintaining a professional image. Uniforms worn by employees are an important aspect of that image. Good uniforms not only contribute to positive impressions, they make lasting impressions as well. Utilizing a professional supplier of uniform rentals or a linen laundry service provider […]

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Seaside Linen & Rental Company

With the increase in baggage fees at the airport, shortage of space in the car or just the added headache of traveling with more then you need to, why not leave those extra items at home and instead travel a little lighter with just your personal items. Sounds good doesn’t it? That’s where Seaside Linen […]