New Apartments Give Philadelphia Teachers Cheaper Rent

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Although there are some that believe that an individual who only works nine months out of the year shouldn’t complain about making an above average salary, many people believe that those teachers in charge of educating and mentoring our nation’s youth should make much more. For teachers living in larger cities such as Philadelphia, a […]

Big City Rentals Often Come with Hidden Costs

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It’s no secret that an apartment or condo in New York, San Francisco or Chicago isn’t cheap. What you may not know, however, is that the high cost of rent is just a piece of one hell of an expensive pie. Pricey add-ons such as renter’s insurance and security deposits can be crippling and often […]

Tips to Maximize Rental Property Profits

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Normally, when we put together a piece about rental properties we are writing from the prospective of the consumer: How to avoid being scammed, tips to negotiate a lower rent, how to keep your landlord happy, etc. Rarely (if ever) have we put ourselves in the landlord’s shoes – until now. Below we’ve shared a […]

Convince Your Landlord To Let You Keep Your Pet

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With the demand for rentals at an all-time high, landlords can command not only a premium price for their unit but can also enact restrictions to weed out certain tenants. One of the most common restrictions is a no pet policy. Concerned that a tenant’s dog or cat may damage their unit – think carpet, […]

Historic Covington, KY Building Now Available For Rent

Historic Covington Kentucky

In May, Covington, KY officials announced the sale of the historic Mutual building on Madison Avenue which sits at the most prominent intersection in the city’s downtown, located just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, OH. News of the closing was celebrated by downtown Covington stakeholders, business owners, and community members alike as the city […]

Protect Yourself Against Apartment Rental Scams

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Regardless of where you live, the rental market is filled with filth and scum (and we’re not just talking about the properties). Unfortunately, the recent rise in demand for apartments and other rentals has only made things worse. To protect yourself against slumlords and other scams, we recommend reading through the following tips courtesy of […]

Money Saving Tips for New Apartment Rentals

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For recent college graduates, finding a job can be hard. Finding an affordable place to rent in this market can be even harder. If you were one of the lucky ones to land a full-time gig right out of school, congratulations. Now comes the tough part: Finding a decent apartment that won’t bankrupt you. Although […]

World Cup Causes Surge in Rental Listings in Brazil

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In America, soccer is a sport enjoyed and played by a small but passionate group of fans of the game. Outside of the U.S., however, soccer is more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life. In less than a month, the biggest and most exciting tournament in the sport kicks off in Brazil […]

Retain Your Rental Deposit With These Tips

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A few years ago, I moved out of an overpriced apartment in nice neighborhood north of downtown Cincinnati and became a homeowner. On moving day, I spent the afternoon cleaning the rental unit from top to bottom and making sure to replace bulbs, batteries, filters, and anything else that was outlined in the lease. A […]

Tips For Renting First Apartment

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Signing a lease on your first apartment can be both exhilarating and a bit scary. For the first time in your life, you are free to come and go as you please and set your own household rules. On the other hand, you’re also responsible for stocking the fridge, paying the rent, and cover what […]