Rents Continue To Rise As Demand for Apartments Grows

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And the broken record just keeps on spinning. For the fifth straight year, rental rates in the United States are projected to rise as demand for apartments continues to grow, this according to a recent story in USA Today. Fueled by steady job growth, many people are looking to move out on their own. Deterred […]

Study Puts Struggles of Minimum-wage Workers into Perspective

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Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve held down a minimum-wage job. Perhaps you worked as a barista, cashier or a busboy. Maybe it was your first real job or maybe it was a part-time gig to pay off a few bills or earn a little extra spending money. In all likelihood, you […]

Personalities Play a Big Part When Choosing a Rental

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Apart from a few years in my early to mid-20’s, I’ve had a roommate most of my adult life. Although there are certainly times I would prefer to live on my own, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of having a roommate, specifically when it comes time to pay the rent. Over the years, I’ve […]

New Rental Study Reveals What a Grand Will Get You in Top U.S. Cities Rental Study Image

Have dreams of moving to New York or Boston or Los Angeles? Surprise – it ain’t going to be cheap. There are, however, several big cities that offer smallish rents for individuals looking for the most bang under a thousand bucks. According to a recent study by, one of the leading national apartment listing […]

Iowa Moving Company Tweaks Traditional Model, Finds Success

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If you’ve ever had to move, I probably don’t need to tell you that it’s not the most pleasant experience in the world. In fact, it flat out sucks. Whether you are hiring a moving company or renting a truck and recruiting the help of family and friends, moving can be both expensive and exhausting. […]

Software Being Used by Landlords to Determine Your Rent

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If you’re on the hunt for a new apartment, you’re well aware of the current conditions in the marketplace. For several reasons, demand for rental housing is growing across the country, particularly in urban areas as many recent graduates, young families, and empty-nesters move back into cities. Higher demand is good news for landlords who […]

Rents Slip for Fifth Straight Month in Manhattan

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Although it is still one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S., folks who made a move to Manhattan at the start of the New Year are getting a bit of a bargain. According to World Property Channel, apartment rents in Manhattan dropped for the fifth consecutive month in January. Additionally, the […]

Janet Jackson’s Central Park Apartment Up for Rent

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Most of us would agree that in many parts of the country $35K per year is an OK salary for someone who is single or perhaps lives a modest life. If you want to rent Janet Jackson’s Central Park apartment, however, $35K won’t last long. In fact, that salary won’t even cover first and last […]

Pop-Up Rentals Provide Housing for Young Entrepreneurs in San Francisco

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Have you ever lived with a roommate? What about ten roommates? Have you ever slept in a converted closet or laundry room so you could chase a dream? In San Francisco, stories like these are becoming more and more common as individuals looking to launch the next big start-up move into the area. According to […]

How to Make An Apartment Your Own Without Ticking Off the Landlord

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If you’ve ever found yourself browsing the apartment listings on Craigslist or looking through a rental guide you picked up on your way out of the grocery store, you’ve seen them before: Photos of  plain, boring, drab, one-color units with outdated appliances and cabinetry. Sure, there are some differences but overall they look the same […]