Planning a Fall Wedding? Start Here.

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In a little over a month, the summer season will come to a close and fall, with its crisp mornings and rich colors, will begin. Aside from the end of beach season and unbearable humidity, the beginning of September also marks the end of wedding season. Fortunately, there’s no rule that says couples can’t or […]

Redbox Dominating DVD Rental Market

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Redbox Takes Over Rentals In case you have noticed, Redbox is everywhere. In just a few short years, the little red boxes parked outside just about every grocery or drug store have helped put major movie rental chains such as Blockbuster and Hollywood Video practically out of business. The red boxes, which are packed with […]

Satellite Phone Helps U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Rower

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After being stranded for over four hours nearly 50 miles off the coast of Morro Bay, Calif., a solo rower participating in the Great Pacific Race was rescued thanks in part to his satellite phone. The rower, who had capsized several times due to rough seas and high winds after departing from Monterey, Calif., was […]

Differences Between Satellite Phone & Cell Phone Rentals

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With nearly 7 billion people in the world and 6.8 billion mobile phones in existence, there’s no shortage of cell phones. Despite their availability, cell phones have many drawbacks, including losing network coverage. If you’re going on an African safari like the guy in the picture above, the probability of being disconnected from the civilized […]

GoPro Camera Captures Life of Homeless Man

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Project Allows You To Walk A Mile In Their Shoes While studying to earn her Master’s degree in social work, my sister has spent the last few winters volunteering at a cold shelter for the homeless in Northern Kentucky. Having previously worked in the mental health field, she and I often talk about the struggles […]

Photojojo Throwing Their Hat in the Camera Rental Ring

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Photojojo, a shop popular for its unique but sought after photography accessories, has come a long way since its beginnings as a simple newsletter for photography enthusiasts. Riding a wave of success, the company has announced plans to expand their offerings and jump into the rental industry. Unlike the current big players in the market […]

National Employee Appreciation Day Party Rentals

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Employee Appreciation Day Party And Event Ideas If you’re looking for ideas to celebrate national Employee Appreciation Day, we present here a few fun suggestions for your consideration. After all, what is a business without a staff? What is a queen-bee without her worker bees? What is a General without soldiers? Think about renting these […]

Whip Out Your GoPro Camera and Have Some Fun

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Whether mounted to the dash of a NASCAR stock car or on the back of a majestic eagle in flight, the GoPro is everywhere. One of the most popular cameras of all time, the GoPro has captured some of the most amazing video footage ever to be filmed. If you were fortunate enough to snag […]

Technology Trends and Predictions for the New Year

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In the blink of an eye, the holidays have come and gone and already we’ve entered a new year. Although it ended seemingly just moments after it began, 2013 was an exciting year for geeks, techies, and all of us who enjoy living in the new media age. From the explosion of social media to […]

New iPad App from AMC Enhances Rental Experience

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Just in time for Christmas, movie theater giant AMC is bringing together two of the most talked about things in America: Hollywood and the iPad. First introduced in March, AMC has release an iPad app for its Yeah! online movie rental service. The app, which is available for free at the iOS App Store, “gives […]