Rental Construction Shows No Signs of Slowing

Apartment Construction

Although it’s been roughly six years or so since the U.S. economy tanked, recovery has been slow, unemployment numbers remain high, and wage growth has been modest. As a result, more Americans are choosing (or left with no other option but) to rent rather than buy their homes. An increased demand for rental units has led to a boom […]

How To Winterize Your House This Fall

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Although we’ve had a pretty mild summer here in the Midwest, the current heat wave has almost everyone in this part of the country ready for fall. Before the temperatures drop and cooler weather creeps in, however, it’s a good idea to make sure the exterior of your home is in tip-top shape. To effectively […]

Simple Tips to Plant a Tree This Fall

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If you’re a DIY-type, you probably know that fall is great time to prepare your yard and garden for the following spring season. It’s also an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs around your home. Below, we’ve shared a few tips to help you get the tree in the ground before the first frost. […]

How to Maintain Your Lawn This Fall

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Although it may be pretty tempting to throw in the towel after a long summer of yard work, that might not be such a good idea. In fact, fall is actually the best time to prepare your lawn for the following spring thanks in part to its cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall. So what should […]

U.S. Equipment Rental Revenues Expected to Rise

U.S. equipment rental revenue is expected to grow over next five years.

With reports coming out over the past several months that the U.S. construction industry appears to be on the rebound, it only makes sense that the equipment rental sector would follow suit. In a recent analysis by the American Rental Association (ARA), total equipment rental in America is expected to increase 7.6 percent in 2014, […]

Job Numbers in Construction Industry Continue to Climb

Number of construction jobs on the rise. Photo courtesy of

Riding a wave of momentum, the construction industry celebrated more good news recently when the Associated General Contractors of America released their latest job report earlier this month. According to the report, the industry added a total of 6,000 jobs nationwide in the month of June and the unemployment rate dropped to 8.2 percent, the […]

Tips to Consider Before Signing Rental Agreement

Where to learn about heavy equipment rental contracts

Construction companies and contractors are continually seeking the most cost-effective methods of completing their projects. As construction businesses are currently experiencing a slight boom period, renting equipment continues to offer benefits that appeal to both budget and performance. Most contractors opt to avoid the headaches associated with owning heavy equipment and rent instead. The cost […]

Latest Construction Industry Forecast Optimistic

Find Heavy Equipment Rentals in Knoxville TN

Over the last several months, there have been multiple reports that the construction industry was set to rebound following the housing market crash at the end of the last decade. Earlier this week, another report, this one from an investment banker with FMI Capital Advisors, echoed this optimism. The report, based on forecasts by the […]

Increase Of Construction Safety Inspections Coming To California

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Just a heads up: If you’re a construction company operating your business in the state of California, you might want to make sure you have your stuff together. According to a recent article for, the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) is expected to increase their number of inspectors to check employers’ fall […]

Bucket Truck Safety Tips

Aerial Lift Safety

Reaching high places can be difficult. Like most tasks, we rely upon machinery and man-made tools to helps us complete the task at hand. Aerial lifts and bucket trucks are among the mechanisms that aid us in several manual labor activities such as painting building exteriors, working on telephone poles, and cleaning gutters. As convenient […]