Where To Rent Construction Equipment in Tampa, Florida

Florida, Tampa Bay

Although the U.S. economy has a ways to go before it has completely dug itself out of the hole from the most recent recession, there have been a few positive signs that at lease one industry is on the road to recovery. According to a recent story by Jo-Lynn Brown for the Tampa Bay Business […]

Construction Industry Could Be Facing Worker Shortage

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Following the collapse of the housing market at the end of the last decade, many construction companies across the country were forced to lay off workers as new development projects came to a standstill. Now, as the housing and commercial real estate markets pick up steam, these companies might have to deal with a completely […]

Where to Rent Connex Containers in Los Angeles?

Who rents portable storage containers in Los Angeles, CA

Here’s a word of warning of downtown Los Angeles citizens: prepare for extra traffic. According to DT News, there will be a utility relocation for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority at the tune of $1.366 billion. The Regional Connector is sure to cause many headaches for travelers in L.A. As construction ramps up in Los Angeles, […]

Where To Rent Heavy Equipment in New York?

Empire State Building worker in New York City

According to Newsday, Construction contracts are surging in the New York metropolitan area. Contracts improved last month compared to February 2013, with reports of $2.5 billion for future building–up 53% from a year ago. A 31-county region will benefit from the proposed construction plans. This bodes as great news for the construction industry in New […]

Equipment Leasing Industry Execs Booming with Confidence

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  Recently, the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation released its March 2014 Monthly Confidence Index for the Equipment Finance Industry and things are definitely looking up. The index is “designed to collect leadership data” and “reports a qualitative assessment” of current business conditions and expectations for the future of the industry, as reported by key […]

Tree Trimming and Bucket Truck Rental Atlanta

Sagon trucks rents cherry pickers

Spring is in the air and so are the bustling branches of overgrown trees. If you’re seeking a bucket truck for tree trimming, be sure to check out the rental fleet offered by Sagon Trucks & Equipment. Sagon is one of the biggest truck rental companies serving the Southeastern United States. Based in Metro Atlanta, […]

Shake Hands With Danger: ’70s Safety Film Provides Wisdom and Laughs

Shake Hands with Danger

Recently I listened to an episode of Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Radio Hour  from 2008. The theme of the hour long show was “danger”. Playing a bundle of topical music featuring a theme of risk, Dylan presented an audio excerpt of an industrial safety film from 1979, commissioned by Caterpillar Inc.. After hearing this […]

North Dakota Oil Boom Provides Work For Thousands of Americans

North Dakota Oil Boom

A growing trend in recent years has spawned economic growth and job creation in the United States from an industry lifted straight out of the late 20th century: oil production. With government focus on lowering emissions and increasing gas mileage, it comes as a surprise that thousands of Americans are finding work as roughnecks in […]

Construction Equipment Cleaning Up Emissions

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Over the past several years, there have been major advancements in the automotive industry. From upgraded safety measures and electronics to improved fuel efficiency and emissions, cars and trucks on the road are safer and greener than ever before. These advancements, however, aren’t exclusive to cars, trucks, and vans. According to a recent story in […]

Las Vegas Construction Equipment Rental

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Don’t let the bright lights of Las Vegas fool you. During our country’s most recent recession, Sin City was one of the hardest hit housing markets in the U.S. As many properties tumbled into foreclosure and population numbers wavered, the construction business took a hit and many companies in the area struggled to find work. […]