Quick Tips to Throw a Classy Casino Theme Party

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If you want to experience the thrill of Las Vegas, hopping on a plane and heading to Nevada is an option. The next best choice is to throw a casino theme party. Whether you are looking to entertain friends and family or fundraising for a specific cause or organization, a casino-themed party can provide guests […]

How to Throw an Amazing Company Picnic

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Tips For Planning a Company Picnic Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for swimming pools, barbeques, baseball, and that dreaded company picnic. To make matters worse, you’ve been put in charge of organizing the event this year. Don’t sweat it. To help you put together a party that kicks ass, we’ve shared a […]

Casino Party Planners in Chicago, Illinois

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Looking to raise funds for your organization or charity? You could always sell coupon books or mulch or candy bars or magazine subscriptions. Or you could break out the blackjack tables and slot machines and cash in with a casino night. To help you make sure your first casino night is a success, we’ve shared […]

Five Ways to Throw a Kickass Casino Party

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There are literally hundreds of ways individuals can raise money for their favorite charity, school, or organization. From 5K runs and selling candy to silent auctions and stuffy galas, each strategy has its pros and cons. Successful events, however, have one thing in common – fun. With that being said, one type of fundraiser that […]

Fundraising with Casino Theme Parties

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    Tips For Maximizing The Impact Of Your Fundraising Event Casino theme parties are a popular way to generate operating capital. If you’ve ever worked for a non-profit or volunteered with an organization, you know firsthand the importance of fundraising. From events like silent auctions, charity balls, and casino nights to annual mail campaigns, […]

National Employee Appreciation Day Party Rentals

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Employee Appreciation Day Party And Event Ideas If you’re looking for ideas to celebrate national Employee Appreciation Day, we present here a few fun suggestions for your consideration. After all, what is a business without a staff? What is a queen-bee without her worker bees? What is a General without soldiers? Think about renting these […]

Longtime CEO Offers Tips for Successful Fundraisers

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With over 25 years of experience under his belt, Tom Waller knows a few things about fundraising. As founder and CEO of Premier Casino Events, Waller’s company has hosted more than 2,500 successful events in the last 27 years. Recently, Waller spoke at the Kentucky State Charitable Gaming Conference, an event that drew hundreds of […]

Black Diamond Casino Events Brings the Party to You

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Let’s be honest. Most of us have attended a boring corporate party or stuffy fundraiser at some point in our lives. You know the drill: Shell out $50 for a ticket and an overpriced dinner, throw on a tuxedo or gown, and make your way to an outdated banquet hall or hotel ballroom where you’ll […]

Don’t Gamble with Your Casino Event.

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Ice cubes clinking against glasses. Bells ringing from every corner. The cheers of a winning hand. All are among the exciting sounds of a Las Vegas casino. Instead of breaking the bank by going to Vegas, let an experienced casino party planning company bring a Vegas casino event to you. They can give you a less […]

Rochester Casino Rentals Take Game Night to New Level

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Chances are you’ve attended a stuffy fundraiser complete with a bad cover band, a decent spread, and the annual silent auction. Sure, everyone seems to be having a good time but then again, an open bar can put a smile on a lot of faces. After a couple of hours in a crowded ballroom, you’re ready to […]