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What to Know Before Renting a RV for a Family Adventure

For some, traveling long distances trapped in a car with your kids sounds more like a punishment than a vacation. For those families who actually get along, a road trip can be the best kind of adventure. Sure, the family mini-van is more than able to handle the trip, but if you really want to […]

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Father’s Day 2014 Gift Ideas You Can Rent

We all take our parents for granted at some point or another. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have our biological parents directly involved in our lives are often as guilty as anyone when it comes to this subject. Personal grudges and grievances of “what was”and “what could’ve been” are futile attempts for […]

FlightCar Monthly

FlightCar Launches New Service in San Francisco

Earlier this year, we posted a story on FlightCar, a startup company that allows travelers who park at the airport to rent their cars to other travelers, and now the young entrepreneurs behind the venture are set to launch a new program. FlightCar Monthly allows users who own a car in or near San Francisco […]

From House Car to Recreational Vehicle

There are two types of recreational vehicle (RV) people – those that rent an RV for vacation and those that sell the house and buy an RV.  Of course, buying an RV requires a greater and more permanent outlay of personal resources. So RV rental is a popular option. In college, this writer and used […]

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Rent a Classic Car for Your Wedding

Muscle cars and summertime are a match made in America. Even though car technology has improved over the past several decades, it’s hard to beat the sight of a steel, V8 powered machine pounding the blacktop as the chrome bumpers and trim glisten under the sunlight. These babies are tough to come by, but that’s […]


How They Roll: RNR Provides Rent-To-Own Performance Wheels and Tires

Whether you’re driving a Maserati or a minivan, you want to be rolling around on the best. A new set of high performance tires can provide a safe and comfortable ride while a set of shiny new rims can turn heads at stoplights. RNR, formerly known as Rent-N-Roll, offers rent-to-own custom wheels and tires for […]

California Dreamin’: Vintage Surfari Wagons offers VW Camper Buses for Rent

This morning was likely the same as any other. The irritating sound of your clock radio alarm woke you from a night of restless sleep. From bed to bathroom to kitchen, you completed your morning routine and staggered out the front door. It’s a sunny day in Southern California but you don’t notice. Your car […]

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FlightCar Aims to Change Rental Car Game

For decades, business travelers and millions of other Americans looking to get away have paid to park their cars at an airport garage before catching a flight to a specific destination. Upon arrival, those same individuals have been forced to fork over more money – sometimes a lot more – to rent a vehicle from […]