Rent, Then Buy the Camera Equipment You Love

Camera Lens Rentals

You wouldn’t purchase a car or bike before taking it out for a spin so why should camera lenses be any different? That’s the premise for a new program launched by the popular site LensRentals which rents lenses and other camera equipment. The program, LensRentals Keeper, gives photographers the option of buying rental lenses and other rental equipment outright. As an added bonus, […]

Top 5 DSLR Video Shooting Tips for Beginners


For the last couple of years, I’ve thought about ditching my point-and-shoot camera and upgrading to a DSLR but have held off for a couple of reasons: One, I don’t have several hundreds dollars to drop on a new camera. Two, I wouldn’t know how the hell to use it. For a professional photographer, having a DSLR is like […]

Get in Focus with CSI Camera Rentals

Professional Photography

CSI Rentals – New York Camera Rental If you’re a professional photographer in the New York City area, CSI Rentals is your one stop shop for photo and video equipment. In addition to camera rentals, you can also rent a variety of lighting rentals, studio gear, computers and much more. With over 20 years of […]

GoPro Camera Captures Life of Homeless Man

Where to rent a GoPro camera

Project Allows You To Walk A Mile In Their Shoes While studying to earn her Master’s degree in social work, my sister has spent the last few winters volunteering at a cold shelter for the homeless in Northern Kentucky. Having previously worked in the mental health field, she and I often talk about the struggles […]

Photojojo Throwing Their Hat in the Camera Rental Ring

Photo courtesy of Photojojo

Photojojo, a shop popular for its unique but sought after photography accessories, has come a long way since its beginnings as a simple newsletter for photography enthusiasts. Riding a wave of success, the company has announced plans to expand their offerings and jump into the rental industry. Unlike the current big players in the market […]

Where To Rent Audio Visual Equipment in Denver, CO

Multimedia Audio Video Rentals Denver Colorado

When You Want To Rent Audio Visual Equipment in Colorado Rent It Today welcomes Multimedia Audio Visual. Located in Denver, Colorado, the event production company is known as one of the leaders in production equipment rentals in the Rocky Mountain region. Founded in 1992 by Denver native Neal Cohen,  he has built the business on […]

Video Camera Rentals from Kindle Cine Studio

Kindle Cine Studio

Are you a film-maker looking for a reliable film studio to rent video camera equipment from? Look to the beautiful countryside of Nepal, where Kindle Cine Studio aims to push your imagination with their array of cutting edge technology. A paradise for film-makers around the globe, Kindle Cine Studio is located in a country where […]

Startup Lumoid Offers Try-Before-You-Buy Camera Equipment

Photo courtesy of Lumoid

For anyone who has considered photography as a full-time profession or serious hobby, he or she understands it’s an expensive venture. From cameras to lenses to other equipment, the price of taking high-quality photos for work or play isn’t cheap. Thankfully, one new startup has set out to save photographers of any skill level some […]

Montana Locator Beacon and GoPro Rental

Two Top Snowmobile Rentals

Montana is a snowmobile enthusiast’s dream come true. Hundreds of miles of snow covered trails to lose yourself in more ways than one. Rent It Today and Outdoor Equipment Unlimited are dedicated to making sure that when you hit the Montana back country on your snowmobile, you’ll be safe with a trusty GPS and locator […]

Head To Head: GoPro vs DSLR Rentals


These are two different cameras that are used for different and unique purposes. It’s true that a GoPro camera is infinitely more mobile than any DSLR. The compact size of a GoPro camera with its HD capabilities is exemplary of the tech industries never-ending quest to sell consumers a high definition camera with lens the […]