Video Camera Rentals from Kindle Cine Studio

Kindle Cine Studio

Are you a film-maker looking for a reliable film studio to rent video camera equipment from? Look to the beautiful countryside of Nepal, where Kindle Cine Studio aims to push your imagination with their array of cutting edge technology. A paradise for film-makers around the globe, Kindle Cine Studio is located in a country where […]

Startup Lumoid Offers Try-Before-You-Buy Camera Equipment

Photo courtesy of Lumoid

For anyone who has considered photography as a full-time profession or serious hobby, he or she understands it’s an expensive venture. From cameras to lenses to other equipment, the price of taking high-quality photos for work or play isn’t cheap. Thankfully, one new startup has set out to save photographers of any skill level some […]

Montana Locator Beacon and GoPro Rental

Two Top Snowmobile Rentals

Montana is a snowmobile enthusiast’s dream come true. Hundreds of miles of snow covered trails to lose yourself in more ways than one. Rent It Today and Outdoor Equipment Unlimited are dedicated to making sure that when you hit the Montana back country on your snowmobile, you’ll be safe with a trusty GPS and locator […]

Head To Head: GoPro vs DSLR Rentals


These are two different cameras that are used for different and unique purposes. It’s true that a GoPro camera is infinitely more mobile than any DSLR. The compact size of a GoPro camera with its HD capabilities is exemplary of the tech industries never-ending quest to sell consumers a high definition camera with lens the […]

Should You Focus on Buying or Renting Camera Gear?

Woman Taking a Picture

The photography industry is quickly evolving. Any professional photographer will tell you there are more products out there than opportunities to land an good shot. An article on Picture Correct gives the secret to keeping up with the latest and greatest in everything photography. Well, actually, it’s no secret around here, but to those not […]

Outdoor Equipment Rentals Makes the Decision to GoPro a No-Brainer

OER Image

If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast – or just an avid viewer of YouTube videos – you’re likely familiar with GoPro cameras. Used by X Games athletes, Hollywood directors, musicians, and millions of people worldwide, GoPro cameras provide cinema-grade, panoramic footage from the user’s point of view. Sales of the camera have more than doubled […]

New York City Camera Rental Company Ships Nationwide

Camera Rentals

There are just as many reasons to rent camera equipment as there are types of cameras for rent. Camera equipment rentals come in the form of video, cinema, still, accessories, and more! Video and Cinema Camera Rentals In this day and age of social media, it seems as though everyone can find a use for […]

Surveillance Tasks using Motion Tracking Technology


*CUE BOND MUSIC* When thinking of surveillance equipment, it’s easy to immediately think of Hollywood.  You know, 007 needs to disguise himself as a janitor in order to break into the villains office to install a covert camera, perhaps one that looks and functions exactly like a ball point pen. While obtaining such a pen […]

Photo Equipment Rentals

Movie Camera Rental

CSI Rentals wrote the following piece discussing the merit of renting photo or broadcast equipment in today’s ‘need-it-now’ lifestyle for the professional photographer.   Sony PMW EX3   In keeping with today’s convenience oriented lifestyle,  many services are offered to fill many varied needs ASAP, whether  for personal or business  purposes.  And there are new […]