Things To Consider Before Booking An Overseas Vacation Rental

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At some point in the future, I hope to have the opportunity to travel around the world and visit many of the places you often see on the Travel Channel or The Amazing Race. I’d especially like to spend some time in Sicily where my great-grandparents were born and lived until they immigrated to America […]

Shake Hands With Danger: ’70s Safety Film Provides Wisdom and Laughs

Shake Hands with Danger

Recently I listened to an episode of Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Radio Hour  from 2008. The theme of the hour long show was “danger”. Playing a bundle of topical music featuring a theme of risk, Dylan presented an audio excerpt of an industrial safety film from 1979, commissioned by Caterpillar Inc.. After hearing this […]

How To Repaint Your House Exterior


How many times has your wife asked if you’re planning on repainting the house sometimes this decade? Every time you think you feel like attacking the project, you walk outside your house and look at it from a distance–imagining yourself timidly climbing a ladder with no helper to hold it steady. “I’ll get it to […]

What to Know In Case You Wreck Your Rental

Car Rental Tips

Most of us have been there before. You’re standing at the front counter of a car rental company when the agent asks if you’d like to purchase supplemental insurance for the vehicle. Treating the coverage as just another add-on, you decline thinking to yourself, “What could possibly go wrong?” Well, a lot actually and it […]

Safety Contracting and Consulting Services

OSHA Safety Consultant

  “Safety First” Benefits Everyone – As Well As the Bottom Line. “A healthy person has many wishes. A sick person has only one.”  – Ancient Proverb Regardless of your line of work or whatever you do to keep the wheels of commerce turning, health and safety in the workplace are of value and benefit […]

The Ins and Outs of the Rent-to-Own Lease

Handing Over the Keys

Chances are, you’ve probably heard someone utter this question at some point in your life: “Why throw your money away on rent when you could use that money toward a mortgage?” The truth is, there are many reasons why folks choose to rent an apartment rather than purchase a home. Maybe they don’t like the […]

Denver Boom Lift Rental Safety-Rent Safe Fall Hazard Prevention

Boom Lift Rental Safety Precautions Prevent Fall Hazards

This fall hazard awareness construction work site safety update is sponsored by Rent It Today’s Rent Safe program and features Volvo Rents Denver construction equipment rental center in Longmont, CO and the Colorado Springs, CO construction equipment rental location – The Denver Scissor Lift Rental and Boom Lift Leasing Experts. Safe Use of Aerial Boom Lifts Minimizes […]

Volvo L35B Wheel Loader Rental Safety

Compact Loader Rentals

Volvo L35B Compact Wheel Loader Safety and Maintenance Whether its ink-less, crusty dry erase markers in an office or construction equipment with a completely empty fuel tank, nothing can make a job an annoying slog like poorly maintained tools. Not only does it hurt productivity, but in the case of construction, can actually be a […]

Rent Quiet Emphasized at NIOSH Buy-Quiet Meetings

Rent Quiet part of Rent It Today's Rent Safe Initiative

Construction equipment, industrial machinery, and power tools continue to evolve enabling people to accomplish jobs faster, more efficiently and safely. Demand for equipment designed to increase production and profit will always be a dominant market force within the manufacturing industry. Equipment design and functionality is also influenced by competitive forces driven by the need to […]