‘Mad Men’ Era Music on Spotify

Abbey Road - The Beatles

The seventh season premier of “Mad Men” set the pieces in place for what fans hope to be a tour de force in cable television, especially since the show helped launch the second golden age of TV. Series creator, Matthew Weiner, kept us hanging on after the finale of season 6 in 2013. 1968 was […]

Rents Continue To Rise As Demand for Apartments Grows

Photo courtesy of seattlepi.com

And the broken record just keeps on spinning. For the fifth straight year, rental rates in the United States are projected to rise as demand for apartments continues to grow, this according to a recent story in USA Today. Fueled by steady job growth, many people are looking to move out on their own. Deterred […]

Hot Rental Items for Event Planners

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Event planning is a serious business. If you’ve ever been to a major conference, trade or fashion show or other special event, you know, just by walking through the room, a lot of hard work was spent putting it all together. Over the course of several weeks or even months, hundreds and maybe thousands of […]

Best Summer Rentals in the Hamptons

Photo courtesy of Forbes.com

This summer, I’m planning to spend a couple of days taking in the sights in Chicago. Sure, I’ve been there before but the Windy City is a great place to get away if you’re on a budget. Living in Kentucky, there’s no reason to fly and thanks to sites such as Airbnb.com, it’s easy to […]

Coachella Increases Vacation Rental Rates

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Back in January, I posted an article on residents of East Rutherford who were cashing in by renting out their homes and apartments to fans in town for the Super Bowl. Apparently, they are not the only ones making some serious money on rentals. According to a recent story in The Desert Sun, high-profile events […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Castle Rental

Photo courtesy of HomeAway

With Season 4 of “Game of Thrones” set to get underway later this month, we thought it would be fun to share a list of real-life rental castles compiled by the good folks at USA Today. Available through rental site HomeAway.com, here they are in no particular order: Chateau de Challain: Located in France, this […]

What To Do With Unwanted Rental Outdoor Gear?

Where Can You Find Outfitters Who Rent Equipment

    Recreational Equipment Inc (REI) Benefits the Locals With all of the negative news that’s out there, it’s quite refreshing to be able to share a positive story. This month, the city of Missoula, Montana received quite a donation from a local outdoor supply store – roughly $14,000 in outdoor and camping equipment. The gear, which […]

Make Like Scuba Steve and Take the Plunge

Photo courtesy of National Marine Sanctuaries

Alright, Old Man Winter. You win. With a winter that has dipped temperatures outside the Rent It Today office into the single digits, everyone (and I mean everyone) is looking forward to warmer months. To help pass the time between now and June, we’ve started jotting down some summertime bucket list items on the office’s […]

Human Bowling with Zorb Rentals

Photo Courtesy of Zorb

Viewers of his work lament over the fact that their life isn’t as “fun” as those used in his videos, but that’s part of the creative genius of YouTube star, Devin Graham aka “DevinSuperTramp“. He tries to make you feel like you’re part of the fun. Devin keeps his avid followers glued to video updates […]

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Yacht Available For Rent

Photo Courtesy of AP

If you’ve seen Martin Scorsese’s recent Oscar nominated film, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, you’re going to be pretty familiar with this boat. This luxury yacht served as a backdrop for one of the wildest scenes in the film where Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) and friends party while the charter heads into choppy ocean waters. […]