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How To Remove Tree Stumps

You’ve just cut down that old, dead tree in your yard. After spending hours sawing it up into pieces and removing the wood, there’s still one problem: the stump. For home owners looking to re-do their lawn and build new landscaping, there’s few annoying obstacles that compare to a tree stump. They stick out like […]

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San Francisco Residents Rent Unused Parking Spaces

As someone who lives in the city, I understand the importance of having a prime parking spot. I also know it’s impossible to land one each and every day no matter how much luck you think you have. But what about the small number of folks who live in the city that may have a […]

Rental Plots Help Florida County Community Garden Grow

Across the country, community gardens are popping up in major cities and suburban towns alike. Often started on a vacant lot or small piece of land that has sat unused for a number of years, these gardens are usually maintained by volunteers, students, residents or a combination of all three. The gardens often provide fruits […]

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Construction Equipment Cleaning Up Emissions

Over the past several years, there have been major advancements in the automotive industry. From upgraded safety measures and electronics to improved fuel efficiency and emissions, cars and trucks on the road are safer and greener than ever before. These advancements, however, aren’t exclusive to cars, trucks, and vans. According to a recent story in […]

Pre-Planted Gardens For Rent

Pre-Planted Gardens for Rent Pop Up in Germany

As a city dweller with an extremely limited amount of yard or private green space (and little knowledge on gardening), growing my own herbs and vegetables may be a bit challenging. Sure, community gardens have helped – to some degree – fill this void in our city but even they aren’t completely immune to problems. […]

Electric Cars Now Available for Rent in Northampton

When you live in the city, it’s usually pretty easy to get around without a car. Sure you may have to deal with public transportation delays, a bike commute in the rain, or a hot and humid walk to work, but hey, it beats forking over money for a car payment, right? But what about […]

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You May Not Be Washed Up, But You’d Best Be Watered Down

Drink In This Fact: August Is National Water Quality Month The brain in your skull with which you are currently processing this article is 90 per cent composed of one compound, and that compound is H2O. The blood coursing through your veins is over 80 per cent water. Even your bones are comprised of water, […]

Ozone Water Purifier

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Make Her Happy: Five Tips For Mowing the Lawn

If you’ve spent any amount of time outside over the past couple weeks, it’s obvious. Summer is here. By this time of the year, you’re probably cutting the grass at least once a week and will continue to do so for the next few months. So how can you make sure your lawn is being […]