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Construction Equipment Rentals

Category Video Update:  “Construction Equipment Rentals


Construction equipment and tools constitute a significant segment of the rental market. Rent It Today is partnered with local heavy equipment and power tool rental companies throughout the United States and Canada. With that in mind Rent It Today’s first category specific video features construction equipment rentals.

Marketing our rental company partners in the heavy equipment & tool industry, along with providing resources for consumers is what makes the world go round at It is no secret that video marketing is hot and YouTube is a prominent search engine.

Creating sources of rich media designed to promote rental markets is valuable for rental companies, consumers looking to rent, and the rental industry as a whole.

The HD video opens in a custom title screen tailored for an industrial theme. From there, it takes us into a metal box where video appears showcasing earthmoving machines, material handling equipment, aerial work platforms, and heavy construction equipment rentals.

Examples of  construction equipment featured in the video and found when searching include excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, bobcats, dump trucks, aerial work platforms, and compactors.

We hope our valued equipment rental partners, CE manufacturers, related service providers, and people hard at work on the jobsite enjoy the video.

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Construction Equipment Rentals Video

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