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By day, Tiana Berwanger is a writer for Rent It Today, the home of “making renting simple.” By night, she moonlights as a Mama to her 2 young kiddos. Follow Tiana Berwanger on Google+

Rentals So Strange, They’ll Blow Your Mind

We’ve been saying it for years – there’s some pretty crazy stuff out there available for rent! If you’ve followed our blog, you know goats, chickens, scary clowns, middle-aged Japanese men, bear protection, wingsuits, legs, drones, someone to snuggle, and listen to this one – someone to clean out your ears – are all on that […]

Blow Your Mind

King Biebs

“Beliebe” It or Not, Justin Got Denied

Although I don’t know Justin Bieber personally, I think it’s safe to assume he rarely gets told “no.” I know women both young and older that wouldn’t dencline an opportunity to spend a little one-on-one time with the Biebs. He owns exotic cars, homes, and the latest technology. My favorite situations where there was a […]

Delivering Coats for Coat Drive

Giving Back While Giving Thanks

Last week, many of us brought out the fine china, fancy placemats, and Grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe in observance of Thanksgiving. Dinner table discussions included counting blessings and naming the many wonders in which we are each thankful. While it was a time for giving gratitude, the staff at Rent It Today also found it […]

Everybody’s Doing It, Even Celebrities

First, it was Chris Rock. Next came Gloria Estefan followed up by Rihanna. Now, add a little Cindy Crawford to the mix. Can you guess what all these celebrities have in common, besides the obvious waning career? Each is renting out one of their not-so-humble abodes to us commoners. Ms. Crawford and her husband recently […]

Cindy Crawford's Home For Rent

Diagnostic Imaging Medical Equipment

As Industry Evolves, Medical Equipment Rental Demand Grows

Facilities across the nation benefit from medical equipment rentals for a variety of reasons and during a number of situations. For instance, it is not uncommon for personnel to enlist in hospital bed rentals and any additional pertinent equipment when an unusual influx of patients takes place. Further, technology is not immune to failure, and […]