I Can’t Make This Stuff Up…Well, I Could, But I Wouldn’t


Rent a Christmas Tree and Help Protect Salmon.

Yep, you read that correctly. It’s going on out in the Puget Sound region of Washington State and you can read it about it by clicking here.

After I read the article, the following thoughts took place in my head in just under 30 seconds:

1. Is this a joke? (kept reading…) Where’s the joke? (continued reading…) OMG, this isn’t a joke (and yes, I said the letters OMG in my head).

2. I’m already spending all my money on gifts for loved ones. Anything left over goes to the bell ringing vets, adopt-a-child programs, or “Mommy’s holiday juice” fund (otherwise known as “Mommy’s sangria that will help her get through the holidays” fund).

3. Is there really more than one person – meaning the person who came up with this salmon-saving fundraiser – out there that will take part in this?

4.Do the salmon really need to be saved? Are they on the endangered species list? Oh no, if they’re on the endangered species list, I should find a way to save them! Oooh, I have a good idea – I could rent a Christmas tree, and save the salmon!!!

Salmon – 1   Me – 0

This one goes to the salmon.

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