Comfortable Mobility Aids Instead Of Uncomfortable Crutches

Figure on Crutches

It’s never fun having surgery. What can be worse, however, are the limitations that come with recovery. When an individual has foot or ankle surgery, those limitations can cause frustration and discouragement. In years past, recovery from such procedures meant hobbling around on uncomfortable and often painful crutches. But not anymore! Now, you can say, “Goodbye crutches! Hello relief!”

Hands Free Crutch and Additional Mobility Aid Rentals

 Alternatives to crutches include knee scooters, seated scooters, knee walkers, and the hands free crutch.

A hands free crutch rental is the optimal piece of equipment for anyone recovering from an injury or procedure that requires weight to be kept off of the foot or ankle. Ease of use and comfort are standard with your rental. Suitable for individuals between 4’11” – 6’6” and weighting less than 275lbs, a hands free crutch is adaptable, comfortable, and simple to put on and take off.

Versatility is a key component of a hands free crutch rental. Not only will you be able to maintain overall body strength, but being indoor, outdoor, and even shower proof will allow you to also maintain your freedom!

Studies and assessments support the hands free crutch as a clinically proven alternative to standard crutches as a mobility aid as well as a facilitator of early patient discharge. To summarize, a hands free crutch not only fulfills its purposes as a medical device, but is also cost effective to individuals and/or insurance companies.

How To Get Your Hands On A Hands Free Crutch

If you encounter a situation that calls for a temporary non-weight bearing period of your foot or ankle, you’d be wise to enlist in a hands free crutch rental or other mobility support by checking out Rent It Today, where we make locating your medical equipment simple!


Yes mobility aids are really useful to heal fast . You need to be really careful after injury.  Buy hands free crutches to stay safe.