A Close Encounter of the Rental Kind

Volvo Rents Hamilton, OH Construction Equipment Rental Manager runs into RentItToday

Patrick, Steve, and Les taking a shine to a Volvo Rents Pickup Truck…

On an afternoon lunch break, a beautiful extended cab pickup truck belonging to Rent It Today construction equipment rental partner Volvo Rents, now renamed as BlueLine Rental, was spotted by four of our associates. Not ones to pass up a photo op, our intrepid associates captured the moment. How they got Rent It Today founder and publicity hound Jason Glass to take the photo will remain a mystery. Perhaps it’s indicative of the persuasion skills that got them hired.

BlueLine Equipment offers construction equipment throughout the United States, including Rent It Today’s home base in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. Rent a pickup truck, excavator, forklift, or other quality piece of construction equipment from them and maybe you too can meet a Rent It Today associate.

To visit BlueLine Rental’s Cincinnati Equipment rental store on Rent It Today, please click here.

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Jason Glass
Jason Glass

Good Times with the folks from Volvo Rents!