The Wall Street Journal Tip of The Week Cites Rent It Today

Rent It Today Cited in The Wall Street Journal

In its weekend edition, The Wall Street Journal features a Tip of the Week column. The weekly feature in its Personal Finance section offers insights on money management and has covered topics as varied as travel deals, postnuptial agreements, and car insurance. The tips are intended to educate consumers on how to manage their money wisely.

Wall Street Journal’s Tip Of The Week

In WSJ’s September 1st, 2012 edition, the Tip of the Week discussed back to school budgets. In an article headlined Save on Gear for Sports, reporter Emily Glazer covered a growing expense for many parents whose children participate in school sports programs: Sports Equipment.

Renting sports equipment can help stretch back to school budgets.

Renting Expensive Sports Gear Can Save Parents Money

With budgets for many school teams shrinking, parents have to cover a larger share of the cost of uniforms and gear. Many knowledgeable parents are seeking out used or rental sports equipment as a way to manage these expenses.  Rent It Today is cited in the article as an online resource for sports equipment rentals.

“Renting tends to work best for costly sports, such as golf.”

Renting Sports Equipment Saves Money

At Rent It Today, a variety of sports equipment for rent can be found, including golf clubs, camping gear, and winter sports equipment. The article specifically mentions renting as offering the most benefit for costly sports, such as skiing and golfing.

A set of quality golf clubs can run in excess of $1000. Renting golf clubs not only allows parents to outfit their golfers with quality equipment, it requires a considerably smaller cash outlay when budgets are already stretched by back-to-school expenses.

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Matthew Stephenson
Matthew Stephenson

Jason Glass Quote from original article "renting a set of high-end golf clubs could run about $75 a month, says Jason Glass, founder of, a website offering sports-equipment rentals. It would cost $1,200 to purchase an equivalent set, he says."